What damage do moths do?

All of us like to have our clothes protected in a safe environment. Maybe in our drawers or our closets as we change from one to another every day. However, sometimes there are little friends that like our clothes rather than us, and not in the good way since what they do is harm and damage it. They are called moths.

At any time given in your life, you may have found your favourite jumper or socks with little holes on them that seem to get bigger and bigger every time. Well, this is what moths do. These are flying insects that like to go around eating different types of materials. They go from food, to carpet and clothes. Their diet is based on that, and taking advantage of their wings, flying away to their food source it is a piece of cake.

What types of moths exist in the UK?

Even thou most of us have heard about clothes moths, they are not the only one that we share with, there are others like carpet moths and food moths. We are going to talk about each of them for you to see how they are like and what their preferences are.

Carpet moths

These tiny insects can be confused with the fibre that carpets have due to their size. They are tiny, but this does not stop them from causing bad things. The damage moths cause is terrible, especially this one since they do not only go through the fabric, but they tend to damage furniture, rugs, cushions and any type of fibre they can reach as larvae.

It is very difficult to know when these types of moth have infected your house since they are minimal, and all the eating is mostly done while they are larvae. It is almost impossible to notice that they are there. When they grow as adults you can see the patterns on their wings, and they always tend to be bigger than clothing moths.

Clothes moths

These are the most famous ones. They tend to live in many places of our homes, especially in our drawers, wardrobe and closets, where they we keep their favourite food. It is pretty difficult to spot them as their larvae is very little, and they tend to hide as soon as we try to find our clothes.

They are different from carpet moths as moths and larvae are the cause of clothing destruction. Their behaviour is very weird as they tend to move from one place to the other or almost being grounded. If you spot them, make sure they are eliminated. But not only that, if you see an adult, that means that many of their larvae are there waiting to get more food.

Food moths

As their name says, these are the ones that you can find in your cabinets, pantry, or cupboards. They do not tend to eat sealed food, but only the open ones. Their favourite foods are muesli, oats and also flour.

Do not worry if you notice that they have been eaten by these insects because that is not toxic for humans, although be careful as you could find maggots in your food, and that is not a pretty sight. The damage moths do in this case is not too much.

What do moths damage?

Even though they are small insects, they tend to destroy many things, and have serious damage. The common ones are:

Destruction of furniture and objects

Because many of these insects reproduce and increases their numbers so fast, large infestations can be seen, and in these types of cases is when the most severe damage can be found. They can destroy carpets, leaving them just like threads, and some clothes can even be unrecognizable since the damage is so severe that the only option is just to throw it away.

Holes everywhere

One of the best ways to identify there is an infestation in your home is to see holes, not only in your clothes but in your carpets, furniture and other places around. Not always you will find a bunch of holes, but generally, one or two. However, it will vary depending on the infestation.

Holes in your bank account

When moths damage your clothes, that means send them to a seamstress, it can cost a lot of money to get it done. Furthermore, if they are destroyed completely, eventually you will have to buy new clothes, making your finances to go down.

Problems related to moth infestations

These disgusting insects, as we said before, have a unique behaviour. They tend to see our faces as a target, and they attack until they have covered it with their dust, that being a discomfort for the surrounding people.

Not only that because a moth you can deal with, but many of them it is quite a challenge, so you may have to do something about it. They can lay eggs all around your house, and if one is in your closet, they can lay their eggs in your favourite clothes, leaving them exposed to the danger that their larvae are.

As they have a nocturnal behaviour, they can annoy you during the night. If you have one in your room, it is dark, and you are using your cellphone or playing a video game, they are going to go where the nearest source of light is, bumping against it many times.

It is not good for you to have this kind of insects around, so in order for you not to feel bad or not to lose any valuable piece of clothes, it is better if you just call pest service control, which will help you get rid of them before something bad happens.

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