How to get rid of bees naturally?

When we see a bee on the street or near our house, we tend to avoid it, as they can be dangerous for us. If it is only one, it is not a problem, but when you see many of them, that must mean you have a beehive nearby. Occasionally, this is not as dangerous as you might think, and you can get an insecticide and kill them, however, that isn’t the goal. The idea is to repel them without having to kill them.

There are different ways to do this, we are going to tell you which ones are the most effective ones, so you can put them to practice.

bees how to get rid of

Keep peppermint in your garden

Bees are not very fond of the smell that peppermint produces. This is one of the best plants that acts as a deterrent to not only insects, but also to many other animals like rodents. Make sure that if you do not want any bees around your garden, plant peppermint in strategic places.

Garlic really helps

Another example of a good repellent for bees is garlic. They always avoid it, so having that in your house can help you keep them away. However, if you see a bee, do not put powder on it or else it will have deadly consequences for it, so just sprinkle a little around the garden and that’s it.


Placing a jar of distilled vinegar can really change your life. If you’ve seen bees hovering around, having a jar or two around your garden is going to make them go away, as the smell is something that irks them.


Every so often, when you have bees in your garden, you must try to camouflage the smells, so they don’t recognize them and come lingering and hovering around. Citronella candles have that smell that masks over other types like nectar, in case that you have a hummingbird feeder near or at home. If you are not happy with the citronella candles, you can buy torches that last for a longer time.


Spices generally have strong smells, so insects like bees get distracted and disgusted by them, so they totally avoid them. Sprinkling a little of cinnamon around your house every day can make bees stay away, not only for a day, but for good if you keep doing it every day.

Have Marigolds in your garden

If you want bees to stay away, then one of the best solutions is to have a flower bed full of marigolds. The property that this flower has to repel bees comes when the moment of blossoming happens. As it blooms, it starts to release a terrible odour that bees tend to avoid, which makes them an excellent natural deterrent.

Solution using soap

Another natural solution for bee problems you might have is to use some liquid soap. Usually, a solution made from half of water and half soap and put it in a spray bottle, so you can sprinkle it near the places you’ve seen bees. They will go away if you continue spraying for several days, try to do this being as careful as possible, you prefer not to upset them if you go near their nest.