In 2016, Gion and his family were affected by a bed bug infection. At that time, they were desperate and didn’t know what to do.

They searched for a pest control company, but that company took their money without doing an effective treatment.

They asked for references and called someone else who managed to help.

“I remember that moment when I asked the guy (Heera) how his job was, because I was really interested in learning and dedicating myself to this.”

Heera said:
“If you want, start working for a big company and later, you can start building your own company, like I did.”

The process was something of the sort, but much more complex than it sounds.
Heera helped Jony build Huntsman Pest Control, and now, Huntsman Pest Control developed a team that helped thousands of customers every year.


To maintain the health and well-being of London’s families and businesses by offering treatments and education to prevent pests.


To offer our customers a life free of pests.

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