All you need to know about flying ants

Across the UK, you will find that there are many species of insects. The most common ones are ants. You can see them everywhere, in your garden, in your house, or the park. The ones that you normally see on those areas are on the ground, but there are different species that can fly, and they’re called flying ants. Here we have all you need to know about flying ants.


They’re not the same size as normal ants. They’re a bit bigger and their main characteristic is its pair of wings. Their body is completely black, and they have a set of wings attached to their backs. The Queens are bigger than the male ants.

Eating habits

When we talk about this type of ants, they like to eat what insects generally like: nectar, food leftovers or other insects. The thing is that for this type of insects is different because food is not their priority, they only want to mate.


Regarding their behaviour, there is something very critical about the flying ant. They fly together as this makes it easier to fight off a predator, such as birds, that really like eating them. Also, they fly because they want to mate.

There is a phenomenon called “flying ant day” in which people can find large amounts of this insect flying around in a swarm. For them to fly, some conditions need to be met, especially because it needs to be warm and humid. That’s why the phenomenon is seen in the months of July or August. But it is not a day, it is a season.

IF you see them flying in a rainy day, it is probably because the rain has destroyed their nest (As the queen oversees burrowing underground and building it), so they must find a new place to go and stablish. It isn’t common to see them like that.

They continue flying until their sole purpose has been fulfilled. When the male ants mate, they die and the Queen stores some of their sperm inside her, so it doesn’t have to mate again. And something curious happens, once they have been fertilized, they eat their wings off and start with the creation of the nest.

They aren’t harmful to human beings. However, they come in different species so maybe one of them, like fire ants, can bite you and will leave a mark, but it is highly unlikely to happen for flying ants because they are searching for something else. If you see them in your house, it is because they saw a bright light (they’re really attracted to them) or food.

flying ants

Life expectancy

Most of them are males, so when they have mated with the queen, they immediately die. However, for the queen is a different story. If everything goes well, it can stay alive for at least 30 years, making this a long lifetime for an insect.

How to get rid of flying ants?

These insects are very fragile, so using a pesticide or a bug spray can suffice. However, remember that they can be very helpful and beneficial for your garden’s soil. If you find them in your kitchen, then it is entirely different, and you may find them annoying and want them to go.

Also, you could call a pest service for them to fumigate the place and get rid of them. However, this is more for ants that crawl because they do pose a threat, flying ants don’t.

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