Best Bed Bug Control Company in London

+ Get £50 voucher to our Premium Services


Best Bed Bug Control Company in London

+ Get £50 voucher to our Premium Services


Getting rid of bed bugs is stressful.  Tossing out an infested mattress will not solve the problem.  What you need is a bed bug control program developed by experienced entomologists.  At Huntsman Pest Control, our team of bed bug experts are highly trained, licensed pest control professionals who are ready to help you evict these uninvited houseguests. 

We do the 1st treatment of our formula anti-hibernation to resolve the bedbugs infestation 100% efective and fast.With Insecticide for nerves.

They are small, brown-colored creatures that feast on blood. Warm-blooded mammals and humans are their absolute favourite.

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+ £50 voucher to our Premium Services

Our process for success

We approach bedbug control with a team of pest control experts who are extensively trained on all things bedbugs, including biology and habits. We follow a five-step system to get rid of bedbugs.


We will be happy to offer you a FREE BEDBUGS INSPECTION.


We use our formula anti-hibernation to resolve a bedbugs infestation that is 100% effective and fast. With different kind of Insecticides to deal with bedbugs. Pyrethroids - Synergist - IGR


We do the 2nd treatment to complete our formula anti-hibernation to resolve a bedbugs infestation that is 100% effective and fast. With different. Pyrethroids - Synergist - IGR


Depending on the bedbugs service you will hire with us. You and your family will be fully protected against bedbugs infestation with our warranty up to 1 year free callout.


At Huntsman pest control our client's opinion and advice is very important. In order for us to grow and improve our Bedbugs services one of our admin will contact you after the treatment.

Bed bugs want two things: to hide and to feed on blood. A bed bug’s anatomy is designed to do these two things. Here are some things that bed bugs do to feed and hide. 

Bed bugs have piercing and sucking mouthparts, evident at all life stages. The mouth part is very long and lays beneath their body, tucked into a special opening when not in use. The bed bug untucks its mouth, finds a spot to feed, pierces the skin and looks for a blood vessel. When it finishes eating, it tucks its mouth back in and goes off to find a place to hide. 

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Bed Bug Protection Service

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What Causes Bed Bugs?

First, it’s important to note that bed bugs are non-discriminatory pests, they don’t care how grand or how little your home is, if it’s sparkling clean or a mess.  All they’re after is a blood meal and they can find that anywhere people congregate.   Homeowners often discover bed bugs after:

They’ve arrived home from a vacation or business trip.  Bed bugs are notorious for being found in beds and may hitch a ride on your suitcase from the airport or train station.  They can also be found on planes, trains, taxis, and other public transportation.  In fact, entomologists speculate that the rising cases of bed bug infestations may be due, in part, to increased international travel. 

Bringing home used furniture, mattresses or other secondhand items.  If you see items on the side of the road marked free, keep driving by as it could be infested and discarded by the previous owner.  You should also be careful when browsing at moving or garage sales and even at second hand stores.  If you decide that the item is a must have, inspect very carefully (paying special attention to seams) for live bed bugs or signs of them. 

Having houseguests in residence. Welcoming out of town family and friends for the holidays or just because is exciting.  It can also lead to bed bug infestations.  Your guests may have traveled on public transportation or stayed at a hotel a night or two when in route to your house.  They may unknowingly bring bed bugs into your dwelling.

Picking your college student up.  School dormitories have become a hot spot for bed bug activity and if your child hasn’t been careful, he or she could accidentally bring bed bugs back on their belongings. 


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