Bugs that look like bedbugs

In the animal world, there are a lot of different species that we find all over. Some of them look or have different characteristics and seem to be unique. However, there are certain animals that have similarities that to the human eye can be confusing and not in a good way, as we can think that those animals aren’t dangerous and, we’re getting into big trouble.

One case is bed bugs, these disgusting pests that feed off humans and pets the same and have consequences when they do it. Most people will confuse them with other type of insect that isn’t even a pest or vice versa, so it is paramount to know what you’re dealing with. Some bugs are dangeous to human, so, before you take any action ask a pest control expert for tips.

What do bed bugs look like?

The first thing that you need to know Is how they look like so you can’t confuse them with others. These insects have an oval shape, they’re very small and this makes them nearly invisible to the naked eye. They have a reddish-brown appearance, although their body is flat and transparent before they have fed. thick antennae and protruding eyes seem to be one of the standout characteristics.

It’s time that you get to meet bugs that are very similar but not as disgusting and dangerous as them.

Bugs that look like bed bugs

As we have said, there are many insects that have similar characteristics. We’re going to discuss which of these are the most like them.

Bat bugs

The first thing that you notice is that their name is pretty like bed bugs, but they are not. In terms of insects these are the ones that look almost the same, as their oval shaped body and reddish-brown colour tends to make people into thinking that they are bed bugs, however, they do not feed off humans. Also, they have wings, but they can’t fly. One of the main differences is their size, as bat bugs tend to be a little bit bigger. If one thing is certain, these bugs live very far from homes and cities. Caves are their habitat and prefer to feed on bats. However, if there is a colony of bats living at your home, they can end up spreading around and biting if there aren’t any bats around.

Cockroach nymphs

These insects are generally confused with bed bugs because of their colour since they have a transparent body when they are in their development stage. As bed bugs, baby cockroaches seem to have a flattened oval shaped body, long legs, and antennae. Some people might confuse them because in early stages they haven’t gotten wings as they’re supposed to and look a lot more like a bed bug. In terms of colour, they go from reddish brown to black once they have grown enough. Another difference is that nymphs are normally where food is, and bed bugs spend their time in a dark corner waiting for you to go to bed and feed.


A typical characteristic of bed bugs is their oval shaped body, and here is when booklice go in another direction as they’re typically long and thin, almost like termites. Also, they do grow wings and are able to fly unlike bed bugs. Their body is segmented and grow bigger than bed bugs, up to 6 mm. They’re softer so they can be killed faster. You could find them near your bed, but they won’t eat you, they’re probably eating mold from one of your books.

Spider beetles

Their scarlet red colour can really remind you of a bed bug that just festered on your blood. They tend to be smaller than bed bugs, however they do have more similarities in behaviour as dark areas are their favourites, and not only that, but feeding at night too. Shape wise they can be oval and have a reddish-brown colour. However, it is not plain, but it is very bright. Finding one near your bed can be only coincidental since they do not bite humans and only feed on grains that can be found in your pantry. Don’t get scared if you see any of them, just make sure it is a spider beetle and not a bed bug.

Carpet beetles

They have the least resemblance of any of the ones previously mentioned because of their hairy appearance. The only similarity to bed bugs is that some species are oval shaped, which tends to be a common characteristic amongst other insects. They do not bite humans, and they just focus on eating fibres that come from animals like fur or wool, and may eat your carpet, furniture, or clothing if they’re made of materials like these.


Another pest like bed bugs, one which really enjoys feeding off blood. Their oval shaped body, translucent and always reddish-brown colour, with a lack of wings leads them to be a jumping bed bug. One of the main differences between them is that fleas jump from host to host and prefer to live off canine or feline blood types and can’t really stop eating. You won’t find them biting humans. If you have pets and see flying dots near them, they must be having a case of flea infestation.


These parasitic insects look a lot like spiders, but their flat and oval shaped body resembles bed bugs. They are common and when they’re in their early stages are reddish-brown. They’re easier to see than bed bugs and have eight legs. These arachnids do not flee after they have fed, but do it continuously until they’ve had enough, mostly when they have grown 3 times their size. They can transmit horrible diseases that can be lethal, which can’t be said about bed bugs as they only feed on blood. Make sure that when you see a bug check if it’s a tick and quickly start treatment before something terrible happens.

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