What do cockroaches eat?

Many pests come and go. Some are small but big when it comes to cause trouble. There are many rodents that lurk around your house, but for some the most disgusting one is the cockroach. They can raid your kitchen every once in a while, trying to search for food, which can be very varied.

It seems almost impossible to answer this question, since almost all of their diet mostly consists of everything that is organic and can be eaten, of course, metal, plastic and those materials do not enter in that category. It is hard for them not to eat what it’s in front of them, however there are certain priorities that they have in terms of their eating habits.

What’s the first thing they see?

In case that you don’t know, this type of rodent is part of the omnivores, that means it can eat almost anything including plants, it doesn’t have any preference when it comes to food, although they’ll go to the ones that have the most nutrients.

As humans are omnivores too, there we have shared taste, and that’s why this rodent really likes to be on top of our kitchen devouring whatever we have just cooked. And not only that, you can find them lurking around your pantry, food storage and other places where food can be found.

Even though our kitchen is a place where a lot of food can be found, there is also a certain preference when it comes to their eating habits. What cockroaches eat is very entangled with how much they like them. If it were for a roach, what they could be eating the whole day would be rodent protein (whether it be chicken, beef or fish), sweets like candy and others, and also starches. They seem to be very attracted to them.

Nevertheless, those types of food seem to be only the beginning. They really like greasy food, also dairy seem to be one of their favourites (cheese), bread and more fermented food. The cleaner your kitchen or your stations are, the less probable one of those rodents will appear. Take good care of sugary foods also, since sugar drives them crazy.

If you haven’t met the condition of cleaning your house all around the kitchen area, then roaches can find a buffet style restaurant all over your kitchen. They won’t stop when they find their favourite meals, but they will try to take a bite of everything in their way, so they have tasted all the flavours they can savour, leaving their disgusting print all over your counter.

Moreover, food that are rotting can also get their appetites started and this is why they feel so attracted to rubbish, so be careful since their voracious appetite can bring you more destruction to your house, eating all the rotten food inside the cans, they can even eat make up and other living things as plants.

What happens if there is no “good food” around?

What cockroaches eat will clearly depend on the quality or quantity they can find around the place they live. Remember that these rodents are scavengers and explorers and go lurking for anything they can find. If there is no good food for them, they need to start looking for replacements.

For example, if they cannot find any protein around the house, they’ll always get the protein off elsewhere. Other sources for this type of food is dead rodents (mainly dead insects) and also our dead skin, which can be fingernails and hair. These are all viable sources of food when they don’t have anything around, although they could eat their own if food consumption is not met.

Regarding dead skin and cells, it is better for them to eat this kind of tissue since some living tissue can be hard, and they can’t chew it as easily as they could if it’s dead. Eyelashes, hair, calluses and fingernails contain such dead skin cells that can be eaten. Their jaws are not meant to chew that much, rather than for transportation of food. Although, keratin seems easy for them to puncture unlike living skin.

Also, there have been some case where the infestation is so bad that cockroaches in the search for food, they have been said to bite humans. Of course, this is a rather rare occurrence, and it needs to be grave for it to happen, don’t be alarmed or scared.

How can cockroaches eat all of this?

It is a little curious to know what cockroaches eat, since most of the things that they have seemed to be very extreme or disgusting, although that will always depend on the type of place they are at. They seem to have a strange and very beneficial relationship with all the bacteria that lives inside them, since even though they’re being used as a host, they allow them to break down and get nutrients from many disgusting materials and food they eat.

This is in part because through the years they have evolved enough to survive any dangerous or unfavourable environment for their development. Evolution has made them tolerate most of the things they now eat.

What happens if I see cockroaches eating in my house?

In this case, you will need to call a pest control service. Having a cockroach at home means that there is an infestation going on, and it will be serious or not depending on the time they have been living in your home. It is important to get rid of them as soon as possible since they can affect your life due to all the diseases they carry, and not only that, but it is a disgusting sight to have.

Call pest control services to get rid of this issue now, and remember that prevention is key.


How to keep cockroaches away?

Cockroaches are disgusting insects that tend to lurk around your house looking for shelter, water and a good food supply. These insects are sure, not very good-looking, and you might not want them around since they carry lots of diseases that may spread to humans so keeping your house roach free should be one of the things you want.

Don’t let food in your kitchen

This is one of the most important things when you don’t want this insect around. They really like to eat whatever they can find; crumbs are their favourite food so whenever you cook or prepare something in your kitchen try to disinfect it and leave all the countertops and cabinets clean. Get rid of all the possible sources of food, and they will not have any interest in invading your home.

Check the possible water sources

This insect likes to be around dark places. Some of them can be storage units, garages, closets and also bathrooms. The thing with bathrooms is that they tend to have water, and if there is a leak in your washing areas there might be a problem. Try to keep everything dry around your bathroom. Do not forget to put your toothbrush in a plastic bag or sealed in another space.

Cracks and crevices are a no

Once you are done with the water sources, you have to check the places that can be a home for these insects. Remember that when you want to know how to keep cockroaches away you need to take their size into consideration. They are minimal, so they can fit in different size spaces, threatening you since there can be cracks and crevices that are perfect for them.

For you to keep them away is to have your house checked, you can either do it yourself or a professional, the thing is to seal all of them. This will let them away and not interfere with your life. Not only check the cracks and crevices, but they can build nests in places like boxes, inside light fixtures and other places around.

Have a cold environment

There is something that makes cockroaches feel unwelcomed, and it’s the cold. Having a cold environment in your house or flat can help you with roaches. Their muscles can feel tighter and restricts their movements, so they might not want to be there.

Keep your rubbish bin cleaned

Decaying food can easily attract this insect, so it is safer if you keep on emptying your rubbish can or bag whenever you have food there to not invite them into your home. Also, another way to avoid them is to leave all those rubbish bins away from your house, at a safe distance, so they don’t get inside.

Be careful with your pet’s food and water

Remember that cockroaches are omnivores, and that means they can eat almost anything. Also, when pets eat, they don’t leave everything clean and tidy, and all the crumbs they have left tend to attract roaches to where they are. If you serve them food, make sure they didn’t leave anything and use a swipe to clean the remaining.

Deep cleaning can help out a lot

The last thing that can leave roaches away from your home is cleaning. As you know, roaches love filth, and if they see that something is dark, dirty and has space, they will surely build a nest, starting an infestation that you may not like.

Do not hesitate when cleaning. Try to use as many cleaning utensils as possible, remember that removing food from the kitchen or around the premises can help you to keep them away. Crumbles under the cabinets, in the pantry or under the fridge can foster their growth as they like warm places.

Vacuuming the floor, carpets and not leaving a trace of anything edible for this insect is a win. They are not going to find survival easy in your home, so they might retreat. Change your rubbish from time to time (do not leave it for much time), keep the counters tidy and nothing will come.


Do cockroaches bite?

When we find a cockroach in our house, we start to panic. Not only because they are disgusting beings, but because they bring diseases to our homes, and they can affect our pets and family. It is crucial to get rid of them when they are beginning to pest because they can reproduce rapid and when they have high numbers many things can happen, including something very rare: a bite.

Do cockroaches bite?

We think that is impossible that a cockroach can bite us since they are very shy and dislike being around humans, although cases have been reported, so cockroaches do bite, but this is a very rare encounter. This can happen in many ways, usually when cockroaches have a strong shortage of food. Although, they can bite people because there is food residue on top of the skin that can urge them to do it. Remember that they only eat dead cells, so they can bite your head, face, mouth, eyelashes, and places where they find them. German cockroaches have been said to do it, and also American and Australian ones.

Why do these insects bite?

Probably you have never heard of one of these cockroaches bites a person, but they can do it. As to why, there are some things that can contribute to it. Extreme cases where the cockroach population is high can make this happen because the food supply is very limited, and they need it for survival. You can see that if there is rubbish near, they are always going to look for food there and not in a human being.

What do cockroaches bite look like?

This is important, as a bite is something critical and must be addressed as soon as possible because there are many insects that can cause this, and it is better to know and identify if it were the case.

Their bites can be somewhat similar to ones made by other insects like spiders, bugs, etc. Nevertheless, there are some differences that can set them apart. Of course, if you find the insect that must mean that the bite must come from it, but if you did not see it, then you have to find another way of identifying it.

Their bites are very similar to what bed bug bites are. The area around the bite turns red, and they are a little wider than theirs. Also, the type of bite is different. You can find them in a straight line or in groups, but when it comes to cockroaches, they leave the marks one by one. The skin gets swollen and may need some treatment if it gets infected, so you have to be careful.

If you see that they do not have the characteristics that we have spoken about, then you might search and see if it is a different kind of insect that is lurking in your home.

Are these bites dangerous?

Cockroaches bite humans, that we know, but is it really that dangerous? If we compare them to other bites from other insects, they are not as dangerous. However, we have to think that these insects spend their whole life lurking for food in the dirtiest places and their legs are full of germs that can transmit diseases, although they do not do it by biting.

Also, their saliva can have can contain those pathogens and bacteria. They are known to transmit salmonella and other diseases just by walking over someone. Moreover, people have reported that they have felt ill after one of them has walked over their skin, triggering allergic reactions.

How to get rid of cockroach bites?

Firstly, you have got to identify if you have been bitten by one of these insects, since their bite is pretty similar to other insects’ bites. When you have done this, you have to follow different procedures to stop infection from happening. Sometimes an allergic reaction can happen, so it is better to call a doctor or get medical assistance in any case of anaphylaxis.

Treatment for cockroach bites

You have to keep the wound as clean as possible, so for this you may have to wash it with soapy water. By washing it you will reduce the risk of infection, and you might feel a little better since it is less probable to happen.

You need to know that cockroaches bite, and they are not aware of the consequence. If you feel like the bite is starting to swell a little, it is time to put an ice pack over it, so it does not go up that much. Of course, you need to take some antihistaminic for it not to develop further.

There are a few home remedies that can help you with that. For example, putting some aloe Vera over it can help the itching to decrease and help with the swelling. Using tea bags and lemon juice can have the same effect, so you should apply them.

Hiring a pest control service

Pests are always going to be in your home. It is probable that thanks to a pest control service the bite would have never happened. This is one of the best ways to avoid them and also prevent something bigger to happen. They are insects that transmit a bunch of diseases, and you have to be alert and aware of what you have in your home.

Do not try to get rid of the roaches with chemicals as many of them can be harmful for pets and also people if they are not used in the correct way, so it is better to give them a call and find the solution for this bad thing.


Signs of cockroach infestation

Having cockroaches in your house is not a pretty sight. People may enter your home and when they see one of those little animals there they are going to think that you are a dirty person and that your house is full of filth since they are associated with that, and you may not what your guests to feel that way.

Once you have seen this pesky animal, the best thing to do is to call pest control for you to get rid of them as soon as possible. They can help you with their guaranteed service, using different techniques to make you feel safe and without that ugly sight.

Before you do that you need to know if your house suffers from a cockroach infestation, so for that, you need to know which are the signs of cockroach infestation which can give you an idea of what you are facing.

Live cockroaches roaming around

One of the most important things when you have an infestation at home is seeing the animal by or in itself. It is common for you to see them at night wandering around where there are leftovers or where the rubbish is since they are always looking for food sources.

Remember that they are good climbers, and they can fly, so finding them in high places can be another thing to look out for. They are nocturnal, so it is easier if you start the search at late hours. Check out places like the rubbish can, dark places like sheds or places where rotten wood is. If you see one of them, then it is one of the signs of cockroach infestation.

Not only you can find them alive, but dead too. It is not uncommon to find them laying dead near a door or in any place around the house, this is also an indicator, although you might find them where egg casings and droppings have been found previously.

Cockroach droppings around the house

Cockroaches are the types of animals that can eat whatever thing they find in their path. Their diet goes from dead skin cells, pet food to human food and rubbish. Due to their voracious appetite, they are eating constantly and at the same time leaving a bunch of their droppings behind for you to find.

What do these droppings resemble to? Well, they look as if it were black pepper specks or coffee grounds. They can be easily seen and found. When you find them in a spot you can be sure that there is an infestation going on, but if you find them in more spaces what you have can be a greater infestation so taking action as soon as possible is recommended.

Wherever you find their droppings you must clean the area as soon as possible in order to prevent more of them coming over, and also remove their food and water supply, so you control their population. You need to check in spaces like the bathroom (inside cabinets), the kitchen (shelves, under the washer and different kitchen utensils) and on floors. These are signs of cockroach infestation.

Egg cases findings

As they eat they multiply. They have an exceptional method to breed that can facilitate your investigation in terms of knowing if you have been infested by these creatures. Their eggs are not normal eggs, as they are inside a big container called oothecae that carries all of them. It depends on the type of cockroach, some of them keep the oothecae attached to their body close to hatching, however, that is not the case for all of them since many leave it in a space so the hatching occurs days later. When the oothecae hatches it is left behind as a case, empty, while the little cockroaches crawl on the floor or the surface they were put.

Some spaces where you can find either an empty or full oothecae are any dark crevices or protected areas that are perfect for their hatching. Also, in different corners of the house, in books and under or behind furniture. They are rarely left on open areas unless it is a serious infestation.

Strong smell around nests

It depends on the type of cockroach, but the smell is always there. When there is a high concentration of these animals you will notice a strange, pungent and musty odour coming from the place where they have nested. In particular this is one of the most telling sings of cockroach infestation.

The cause of this smell is the pheromones that are being secreted by the roaches. Furthermore, they tend to defecate on the places they eat, so it is easy to find them when the smell gets strong, sometimes, dead roaches can contribute to the smell, so make sure that whenever you see one of them you check if there are more nearby.

What to do if you find some of these signs?

First, you need to call a pest control service, so they can assess the risk you have. Every infestation is different, so you need to be certain of what is happening in your house or business. They use and have the best methods for you to be relieved of the hazard that these animals bring to your home since they carry many diseases that can harm your family or even your pets.

If you do not want to hire a professional, then you need to follow different DIY methods that can help you control the population, but they will not eliminate or remove the danger from home. They are not that effective so the best-case scenario would be calling a professional, they are at your service.


What to do about cockroach eggs in your home?

You can find different pests around the world, but one of the most common is cockroaches. These insects are disgusting, they bring so many diseases to your home and have a bad smell when they’re concentrated in one space.

Not only do they bring disease, but they are insects, and they reproduce quickly by leaving their eggs in certain places so they can continue growing in population. Today you’ll learn about how to take care of cockroach eggs and removing them from your house so you don’t have to deal with adults.

Female cockroaches

If we want to know about eggs, we need to talk about the female cockroaches first. There are certain areas in your home that may be affected by these creatures. They love warm and humid areas, so it’s natural that they like to lay their eggs in the bathroom or the kitchen.

This egg is not a normal egg but a capsule that has lots of young cockroaches inside. It is not that big, almost 10 mm long and light brown coloured. These capsule is produced by the female cockroach every few weeks, carrying it before it hatches, trying to see where it can be introduced (any crack or crevice) once the hatching starts to happen.

The thing for these animals to become a large population in such a short period of time is that the birth cycle is ongoing, so they can continue coming and coming out reaching a large infestation in a short period of time.

Where to find cockroach eggs?

If you want to stop the infestation the first step is getting rid of the mother, but you also need to know where they put them so in advance you know the place to find them and kill them.

The sight of a roach might be a sign of an early infestation, so try to keep track of where you saw it so you can find the eggs that have been laid. First of all, check in rubbish cans or recycling bins since they’re dark and may attract roaches. Also, pantries where food is stored can be one of their best food supplies so they can be found there. Don’t forget to check drawers, places where you eat or leave crumbs as you attract them.

Why do I have to get rid of them?

Firstly, as we said before, cockroaches are very dangerous, and they can bring several diseases. Their eggs can do that too. Some of them can even trigger any allergies you might have. You could get cough, skin rashes, nasal congestion and some others.

How can you eliminate them?

Remember that cockroaches are everywhere and you may need to inspect your house so you see them. If you want to eliminate them, first you should call a professional since they’re experts in the matter and they’ll help you exterminate all of them and they’re eggs because it doesn’t matter if you eliminate the adults completely, as there might be many of these scattered around the house waiting to hatch.

Get rid of their mother

As we said before, the best way to get rid of the eggs is eliminating their mother. You need to go around your house looking for a potential nest where cockroach eggs might be. Also, you can leave some food crumbs near where you think it is and check it regularly so you’re sure they’ve eaten some.

This way, you’ll check if they are active. You could buy some bait, they’re usually sold on Amazon or other different stores. Place them where they feed and then you’ll get rid of it. They aren’t poisonous for humans but it’s best if professionals do this.

Bug spray

There are certain bug sprays that may leave roaches sterile, so they can’t make the capsule and you’ll get rid of the problem fast. Although, if you’ve already found some egg capsules this isn’t going to help as what they do is make eggs unviable. For this case, there’s another bug spray that can help you, they have a non-toxic substance that dehydrates the eggs, and with that, killing what’s inside them.

Vacuum your floors

This is a good way to eliminate nymphs and eggs. In contrast to the bug spray, there can be other animals lurking around that weren’t affected by it and you have to counter attack. Try to star vacuuming in places you’ve sprayed as to clean everything up. Remember, cockroach eggs can stay in the bag and survive, so try to put it in the freezer because cold is one of the best ways to kill them.

Throw away any hiding spot

Sometimes cockroaches get inside places or things we’ve accumulated during the years. Many of them can be disposed, so you’d better look in any old box, newspapers you have or things you have stored as cockroaches like dark places too. This is a very good complement to vacuuming.

Other measures to take

In order your house not to get infested by these things you should follow different recommendations. One thing that is very important is getting rid of any food crumbs or rubbish you have at home since they are attracted to it.

Use your dishwasher to keep everything tidy, including cups and kitchen utensils so no cockroaches have to go to where they are since when you cook you’re alerting them, and if you leave crumbs there is a possibility they might come.

Lastly, if you feel that you can’t control the infestation, remember to call professionals who are at your service and who can solve this problem without you having to worry about it.


How to get rid of cockroaches

One of the most disgusting sights that you can think of is a cockroach lurking around your food. These insects can carry a lot of diseases since they’re full of bacteria that can affect your health in a significant way, so you surely want to keep them out. Sometimes people don’t know how to get rid of cockroaches, so in this article you’ll see how you can keep them away from your home. However, before moving onto that subject you will need to learn why these repulsive pests can enter our homes.

What do cockroaches look for?

 The first thing you need to know is how they get into your house. These tiny insects are in the search of leftovers since they need to have a good food supply in order for them to lay their eggs and multiply. Sometimes, they can be found in humid places such as rotted wood floors or cabinets, in the rubbish bin and in other dark places.

How do I know if my house is infected?

The first thing that you have to do in order for you to check if your house is being raided by these horrible insects is get yourself a torch and take a look in all of those cracks and crevices around. Take a look inside your closet, bathroom, especially under the sink, and other places that may have a foul smell as a high concentration of them can produce it. When you’ve found the nest you need to start looking on how to get rid of the cockroaches.

Ways to eliminate cockroaches

There are different ways in which you can exterminate these insects. It’ll all depend on which way you feel the most comfortable with. They go from doing it yourself to hiring an expert in the matter since they’re the ones who have the experience and a guaranteed service.

Cleaning your house

It’s a very easy solution, but usually it must be accompanied by different products in order to be effective. During the cleaning you must remove all the dirt that cockroaches look for as that is their main food supply. Cutting it means they’ll have to either leave or find a new one. By keeping your house in a good condition you’ll be able to scare them away. However, there are several measurements you need to take right after you’ve done it so you can maintain it, such as: not letting any food crumbs or leftovers on the floor or different surfaces, washing the dishes as soon as you’re done eating, taking out the rubbish regularly and so on.

Buying traps to fool the cockroaches

If the cleaning your house didn’t have any effect, or you feel that you need something extra to make sure these pesky insects are officially done you can work a way around it. You can go to a store and ask how to get rid of cockroaches and they’ll help you. One of the options is buying a kind of bait that can pass as food. You just have to put it on a dry surface and wait for them to eat it. After they have eaten it they’ll return where they’re nesting and die, letting the other roaches to eat it and spread the poison to all of them in an efficient way.

Other stores may offer gel traps that can help you gather all the roaches in one place. The goal is to lure the roaches using a particular scent that will attract them to the glue where you can kill them or simply take them out. It’s not as fast as other means and they have to be weekly checked in case there are new roaches caught.

Use of homemade poison

Chemicals are great in terms of using them as insecticides. Many of them can be bought in the supermarket or in a detergent store, in this case what you want is boric acid. You can deal with roaches on your own by simply making food using this compound. Mixing it with the same parts of water, flour and sugar will result in a dough that can be used to be placed on the ground as it will attract the roaches and they’ll die. It is better if the dough is placed in a space where children and pets can’t access due to the fact that it’s toxic.

Liquid chemicals

This is a bit more complicated since it requires to be very careful. It is an option, but we do not recommend it, hire a professional instead. Some people use Ammonia to clean surfaces, but you must be extra careful, because it can make you sick and cause damages to your hands if not handled properly.

Hire a professional pest control service

If you still don’t know how to get rid of cockroaches then you might need to hire a professional. Sometimes infestations can be very large and just cleaning or using other resources won’t suffice. It’s better to leave your house in charge to the ones that know the correct way to address this problem. Even though you try to take care of it just to save some money or because of something else you need to think about all the trouble you can forget about if they’re the ones who take care of it.

This is an issue you must deal with before it turns into a more hazardous situation for you and for your family. Having seen all the possible solutions to this problem that is common in most households it is certain that a professional will always be the top choice. They have the solution on how to get rid of cockroaches.