What do rats eat?

These pesky rodents can be found in many places, from farms to houses. It is curious how this rodent has adapted to its environment and has got used to being around humans. One of the main reasons that this happened is because of the food.

Food resources are a rodent’s main way of survival, and humans make it easy for them to survive as we have a diet that can translate to theirs, which can really affect us as these rodents can spread diseases that can harm humans.

What do rats prefer to eat?

Remember that these rodents do not care about the food they can find. They will eat just anything, although they have their preferences when it comes to eating. Sometimes this can change because of the place you live, as wild rats and city rats tend to eat differently.

Rats are omnivores, so they can eat many types of food, but that also depends on where they live. If you see wild rats, their diet goes from fruits, seeds, to carcasses if they find it interesting enough based on the smell.

However, city rats are more used to different types of protein, like meat and chicken, or whatever they can find in your rubbish. This is why it is important to have everything we own stored in safe places, so they cannot get to it and contaminate it with those heinous diseases that can even kill a person. It is important to know what rats eats, so you can be alert and take the best decisions for them not to visit you.

What attracts rats to your house?

This is a question you need to answer to assess if there are rats in your house and how you can avoid having them in there. Sometimes when they have problems finding a regular food source they will go naturally to the places where they can find it, and a house has more than enough for them. Moreover, if they are looking for shelter during the cold months, that does affect their natural food sources, they can go inside just to protect themselves from the outside.

In terms of foods, they are going to be attracted to many things. These include cereals like rice, oats and different types of vegetables that are stored in boxers or places where they can get to by chewing. If you have spilt some oils, or you have not cleaned your countertop, they may be attracted to those. Moreover, if rubbish has not been removed from the premises, they are going to try to find a way to gnaw through it.

What attracts rats to your backyard?

Sometimes, our homes are not the only places that are exposed to the invasion of these rodents. Leaving chopped wood or debris can be negative for you as it represents a space they can use for shelter.

Shelter is not the only thing they are looking for. Water supply also contributes to the rat stay in your yard. You know what a rat eats, but what it drinks too. Their thirst can be quenched from many places including your pet’s bowl, pipes that have leaks or birdbaths.

Finally, the food is critical for their survival, and they can find plenty of it in your backyard. Aside from the oats or fruit you may have there, rubbish cans, pet food, compost, may be raided to get some food.

Ways to avoid rats in your house

Having rats in your house may lead to disease and harm, so it is better if you keep them away. These are certain things you can do to keep them away:

Everything must be clean

When rats come into your house is because they have all what they need to survive, so if they do not have it, so try to keep everything sealed in a place they cannot have access, and also, the areas of the house need to be clean in order for rats to feel that they do not have anything to do there and feel uninvited.

Check out your yard

This is critical, since sometimes we think that everything is ready at home after we have cleaned. As you did with your home, it is better if you search through your yard and see if you can find any food sources or water supply for these rodents and cut it the minute you see it. Remember that pets can attract them as their food is left on the outside, and this is something that rats eat.

Take out your rubbish

As soon as you have organized anything at home or cleaned, you must remove the rubbish from the premises and dispose it in a place that rats cannot enter or gnaw through. They love eating what is in there, so it is better if you do not have any at home.

Set up some rat traps

One of the solutions to get rid of these rodents is to set up a few traps here and there, so they do not enter your home and do not disturb you. Of course, you have to be careful in terms of the method, some are more humane than others.

If you have rats at home, the best way to remove them from your premises is if you hire a pest control service. They can help you in your path of eliminating them and making sure they cannot get in again. Give them a call, and they will visit you and assess the case, leave it to the professionals.


What does a rat bite look like?

When there is an infestation at home, you have to be cautious with the animals that are around you. One of the most common is mice or rat infestation, which can be pretty hazardous as these animals carry lots of diseases that can affect you and your family.

The way these animals can spread their diseases is by biting the human. Even though most of the rat bites are not always serious injuries, sometimes they can become in a problem when they get infected and give the condition named rat-bite fever.

Why do rats bite?

This question is critical as you need to know why these animals attack and how not to be their target. First, they have a strong sense of survival. They are going to bite or jump when they feel they have been cornered and do not have anywhere else to go. It is a good idea not to put your hand or finger inside one of their cages or whenever you encounter one try to avoid it and wear something that covers your whole body.

What does a rat bite look like?

Rat bites occur in many places or times. They can happen at nighttime or daylight. When you have been bitten by a rat, you can see the little dots as wounds in the place they have bitten you. It is a small puncture but can be painful and bleed as it swells a lot. It can become infected and be filled with pus or give you a particular condition that is related to these injuries that is rat-bite fever.

What are the symptoms of rat-bite fever?

As its name reflects, this disease starts after the bite has taken place. Many other animals like squirrels, cats, mice, among others can cause it, but it is not as common as with rats. You can see how the wound starts getting bigger and a rash starts to appear. Sometimes little bumps can be seen near the bite, or it can be flat without any of these lesions. The bruising may vary in colour, going from red to purple in most of the cases.

Even though it is one bite, there can be two different types of rat-bite fever because of the bacteria that causes it. One of them, the most common type that is seen through North America is the one associated with the streptobacillus moniliformis and the other one that is associated with spirillus minus that is mostly seen in Asia. Both have different symptoms that you have to know if something like this ever happens to you.

Streptobacillary rat-bite fever symptoms

This one is the most common and the one that heals faster. Also, you might feel some of these symptoms from 3 to 10 days. These symptoms are: fever, diarrhoea, skin turns red (rash), pain in your joints among others.

Spirillary rat-bite fever symptoms

These one is trickier than the other as you may seem to be healing but several symptoms may arise from one to three weeks after the bite has taken place. These can be: fever and chills, headache, ulcer at the wound and skin rash as with the streptobacillary, vomiting and sore throat, among others.

How can you treat a rat bite?

If this kind of situation happens to you, you need to act quickly. First, you need to find some soap and clean the wound with warm water and soap, this might help fight bacteria. After you have done that try to dry it using a clean piece of cloth or towel, then apply some ointment on it (an antibiotic ointment is preferred). Finally, cover it using a bandage, so it does not get any dirt.

Remember that having one of these bites can be dangerous, so you need to go to the doctor’s after you have done your best cleaning it. You might only see one bite, but they can turn into serious problems if they become infected.

A tetanus shot is recommended, and you may ask your doctor to give you one, specially if 5 years have passed from you last got one. If you do not remember when was your last shot, then you might get it too. The doctor may prescribe you with some antibiotics in order for an infection not to develop, so you can feel safe. Treating this fast is the best way to avoid other serious diseases such as pneumonia, pericarditis, meningitis, among others. They may be serious and life-threatening, so it is better for you to take care of them.

What is the outlook after a rat bite?

Rats can be friendly and be treated like pets, but remember that they can still be dangerous for you and for your family. Having one in your house, either wanted or not, may carry some serious consequences for the ones involved.

Whenever this issue arises, you may seek professional help right away. However, remember that preventing this happening is the best cure, so if you know that there is a rat infestation at home, do not take the risk and call a pest control service, so they can help you with this issue.

If you did not get help at the beginning of the infection it does not matter, you can be fine by taking some antibiotics that can help fight it, also, remember to follow your doctor’s advice and follow the prescription. Sometimes you may feel the pain in your joints or a slight fever but this is going to fade after a few days so do not worry about that. 


How to get rid of rats in the garden without poison

Rodents are animals that live among humans. Some of them live in the sewers, but others are more into living near better food and water supplies hence sights have been reported near gardens. These are places where these pesky creatures can set a home and you won’t like that. Diseases, infections, and other things may come to your household if they set foot on it.

If you find them, you’ll need a safe way to get rid of them. Sometimes poison is not the solution since your garden is a place to gather and there might be kids or pets that can be affected if they get in contact with it so here we will show you how to get rid of rats in the garden without poison so you can sleep easy and know your family is safe.

Neat and tidy garden

Since rats look for food, water, and shelter, if you take one of these away from them, they may not choose you as a target, so it’s better if you keep your garden clean. Remove the logs, tall grass, and debris you might have there. Take into consideration that they’re nocturnal and like to hide in dark places so as long as you’re free of caves and crevices where they can enter, also remove the grass near storage areas and try to organize and clean up.

Remove food sources

When you have pets, it’s common to leave their bowls filled with food on the garden, but this is not a good thing. If you want to know how to get rid of rats in the garden without poison, then this is one thing you must avoid at any cost. Leaving food outside is to call rat’s attention to your garden so it’s advisable to remove all sorts of food and water recipients for pets during the night.

Having a pet is also a good option to get rid of the rats. It’s not only to hunt for rats, but to let them know there’s a predator at home, and they aren’t likely to pay you a visit as they enter another animal’s territory.

Repellent scents

One thing that rats have is an excellent sense of smell, so one of the ways to repel them is to use some peppermint oil. Using it strategically will help you keep them away. You just have to fill some cotton balls and spread them in points where you think rats may enter. Don’t forget to put them in the garage too. Also, try to reapply this repellent again every day or at least 4 times a week not to lose the effect.

Keep on moving

One problem that rats have is that they fear going through new things, so one way to easily distract them or confuse them and making them leave is setting different obstacles in the garden. One way of how to get rid of rats in the garden without poison is this. Having many configurations and place objects will make a disruption in their territory so don’t let things remain as they are for a long time.

Check your running water

Water is as important as food for these animals, so without it, they can’t set a home where to settle down. Check all the sources of water you have in your house, may these be taps, drains, etc. Make sure drains are protected since they can enter through the pipes. Water bowls for pets must be removed too.

Don’t leave food on the floor

Some people that have pets, most likely birds tend to scatter the seeds on the ground while they’re feeding them. Rats can eat almost anything, seeds are no exception. If you own a bird and you have it in the garden try to have the food in a recipient where the bird can’t scatter them, or have a cage with a piece of cardboard or something in the bottom that doesn’t let seeds fall.

Build an owl house

This sounds crazy, but it is very effective. Remember that owls are predators, so they can take care of those rats in a matter of days. First, you need to build a house on your garden or near it. Try to make it big so owls can fit, but not so big. Large birds and squirrels may come too so you have to be careful when building it.

These are ways how to get rid of rats in the garden without poison, they’re not that lethal, but let’s discuss them immediately since sometimes there is no way to get rid of them humanely.

Buy some rat traps

Even though traps are one of the most effective ways to get rid of rats, they’re lethal, so you have to be careful when placing them. Some of them can be used to trap them and then releasing the animal in another location. Luring the rat is critical since you want it to be in your grasp. Put some cheese or any other type of food, so they can get inside and be trapped. A special mechanism is used to get them in and not escape.

As we already said, you have to be careful, put the traps in a space where other animals can’t get in, or they’ll get hurt. Hide them under a box or other objects so only rats can pass through the opening and get inside. The best thing to do is to call a professional service, so they can place traps strategically, so any non-taught species get hurt. 

Try with chemicals

We do not recommend the use of chemicals if you are not a pest control professional because it can be dangerous. Some people claim that chemicals can be effective, for instance, dry ice. Why? Because it releases carbon dioxide that acts as anaesthesia and sleeps the rats and kills them quickly.  As you can imagine, misusing this method can result in intoxication, so better call the professionals.

You’ve seen the do-it-yourself ways on how to get rid of rats in the garden without poison, but if you want a more professional way, then hire a pest control service as they’re certified and guarantee you to be free of these rodents.