Feral Pigeons vs Wood Pigeons

In our lives, we can find different animals every day that we can interact with. Most of them we can find in parks, on the streets and even in our houses. One of the most common animals you can find are pigeons. They are scattered all around the world, you can see them everywhere. Some people think that they are dumb, but that’s far from the truth.

Furthermore, people just see them on the streets, and they think they’re all the same, which is not accurate. There are different types of pigeons, and here we’ll talk about the ones that you can see on the streets which are named feral pigeons and wood pigeons which you can find in other places.

Wood pigeons

Regarding their appearance, they come off as fatter than normal pigeons. Their breast has a wine-red colour, and they have different iridescent colours that make them stand out. Their tails are black, so as their feathers. Their bill is pink coloured as their legs; however, the tip of their bill is yellow.

Their diet is very nutritious and balanced. They usually look for fruits and nuts for them to have better digestion. Even though their diet is mainly based in plants, insects, and worms can fit in there too.

Nesting for the wood pigeon is around nature, mostly in places like meadows, parks, and they are rarely seen in urban spaces.

Feral Pigeons

These pigeons are the ones that we can find on streets, parks, houses, almost everywhere. People can’t get rid of them because there are many and qualify as pests. They have gray feathers across their wings and chest. They also have iridescent colours on their necks, although they don’t look very bright.

As we all know, feral pigeons are everywhere and like to eat everything that there is around. Their diet is full of whatever they can find, it goes from insects, to processed food that humans feed them. Occasionally, we believe that they don’t have any brains, but they recognize who can feed them and who is not. In other words, their diet is made up of all kinds of food.

Their nesting areas can vary too, normally they set their nests and roost on tops of buildings, houses, or anywhere they can find a source of food and water. Abandoned buildings are their favourite places to breed, which they can do throughout the year.

Differences between Feral pigeons and Wood pigeons

Feral pigeons are most of the time considered as pests. They are generally around places where humans live and interact with them. Noises and bad odours can be encountered where there is a flock of these animals. Wood pigeons, on the other hand, are normally down in the fields and meadows, shy away from where humans are. They do not stay to be fed, and what they eat is very nutritious and good for their health, seeds, plants, and small insects are part of it.

One thing that feral pigeons have is that they can become a risk for humans. Although it hasn’t been studied properly, they can spread diseases to humans, which can be grave for our health, such as histoplasmosis, ornithosis, and cryptococcosis. Furthermore, they can damage different surfaces, even air conditioners because their droppings have chemicals that make them corrosive, which is not good and ends up making things useless. Wood pigeons don’t have these problems as they stay away and nest near trees, parks, or forests and places where quietness reigns. The only issue that they have is that you can find more predators like foxes, bears and more, because of them, being tied to the nature of the countryside.

Having problems with Wood pigeons is very difficult to encounter, but Feral pigeons are more troublesome and become a nuisance to people that live near them, and therefore they sometimes need to be controlled, of course, not only in a deadly way, but you can make them stay away from the place where you are. If you have this kind of issues, you can call us, and we are going to help you handle it in any way you want.

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