How to close a rat hole in a garden?

When you’re dealing with rats, it is pretty easy for them to create some shelters where they can be protected and away from all their predators. Burrowing nests seems like one of their favourite activities, as near them, they seem to have a stable food source and water supply.

One of their favourite places to do this is in a garden. Living in a garden gives them safety, and all they need. Occasionally, you will find different holes that you might think they are done by your pets, but some are deep and carry you to these disgusting rodents.

For you to feel free off these rodents you have to cover that hole, but it is not the only procedure that has to be made, since they can dig again, starting the problem all over.

How to close a rathole?

There are different steps that you need to take into consideration, but the first one is identifying where they are. You have to make a thorough inspection of your garden. Try to check the different places around, especially near bushes since they give off shadow and can leave them unnoticed, so make sure to really take a look. Try to get rid of weeds, lumber piles where they might have dug. These are usually covers for them, generally they only have one hole so keep that in mind.

The second step you need to take is to seal all the rubbish cans and bins where these rodents can find their food. Remember that they don’t stray away too much when they’re looking for it. Not having anything to feed on makes them feel the need to find another space where they can get it.

The third step is effortless, and something that you must do daily. Cleaning faecal matter off your garden can help you scare them away. Not only your pet’s faeces, but any faecal matter that exists in the premises.  It is easy for rats to leave some pheromones which they used to communicate with others, so get rid of weird stains and droppings the leave.

Thereafter, it is good for you to check on how is the drainage going in your garden. Sometimes, having a bad drainage can mean leaving standing water, providing rats with water supply and that is one of the things they most look for. So, try to angle the irrigation away from your house, so you don’t incite rats to come in.

Having done all the things that were mentioned before, you can proceed to seal the hole using cement or any other material that is hard for the rat to gnaw and makes it stay away from that place.

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