How to get rid of ant invasion in your home?

One of the animals that we can find around our house are ants. Sometimes we think that having ants at home is normal and that it is not dangerous, but sometimes they can get troublesome, and it is better if you get rid of them altogether. It is important to know many things before you start removing them from your house because it is not a simple procedure.

Identify the type of ant

First, in order to remove ants, you have to previously know which kind you have at home. There are several types of ants.

The most common one is black ants; they are easy to spot, and sometimes you do not know if they are carrying any type of bacteria, so it is better to be safe than sorry and assume the worst. Some of them can even contract salmonella, which then is spread through your house with their little feet. These ants like to lay eggs all around, on soil or under bark. Their favourite food is sweets, so you have to clean your pantry in order for them not to come in. It is pretty difficult to get rid of them if you do not remove their food source as they can leave a pheromone that leads other ants to where they can find it. They are not that big, a few millimetres long.

Other ones are called carpenter ants. You really need to know how to get rid of ant invasion in your home if you have these in since they can basically destroy any sign of wood they find. It is pretty easy to spot them since they have wings and are bigger than black ants.

Red fire ants are one of the most frightening and scary. They are drawn to sweets and sugary food just like black ants. They can build massive nests that you can find in broad daylight. Their name refers to their painful sting. It is compelling, and if you get one you are going to be feeling pretty bad. They are not dangerous, but their sting is something you do not want.

How to avoid them from coming in?

If you do not want an invasion, then you have to keep them away from home. Some humans love to eat sweets, and ants do so too. Make it difficult for them to get to food and water, and you will be fine. Measurements can be:

  • Cleaning any food crumbs or any spills right away and do not let them settle as ants are very fast and can get them very fast.
  • If you have pets at home sometimes, they can leave a mess when they are eating, something that you do not want as this may attract ants. Keep their food bowls clean and the surrounding areas.
  • Your rubbish can also start an ant invasion if you do not take it out. Remember that if you want to know how to get rid of ants invasion in your home it is important not to leave any food at their reach, and usually, you can find it in a rubbish bin.
  • Seal any type of entry they can have. They are small animals, which helps them when they want to search in a place, and they usually find any crack or crevice to get to their food.

How to eliminate ants if they have already made entry?

There are different ways for you to track them and remove them. It is very common for this type of animal to leave a trace to where the food is, and it comes in the form of a trail. You can see many ants in line going to get food, and they usually do it all the time and do not change it.

Their behaviour is the same, so you can just play with it and wait to see how they can be traced back to their nests and destroy them from the inside.

Use ant baits

Even though a pesticide is more commonly used, they are still dangerous, so it is better if a professional can help you with that. Ant baits are usually more friendly, and they can destroy the nest from the inside taking advantage of their behaviour.

You can set baits, they can be liquid or solid, it does not matter. Ants are going to get it and as their instincts tell them they will take it inside and contaminate the rest. How to get rid of ants invasion in your house? Well, this is one of the best ways to do so.

Usually, ant baits are made from chemicals that have a low toxicity for humans and animals, they are often sold in different places and the most common one is boric acid. If you do not want to use chemicals you can call a pest service control, and they will get rid of them without harming your family or pets.

Use of pesticides

Once you have identified their trails, you can follow them until you reach their colony. This is the main location where they come and bring their food. Do not eliminate trails before you know where they are heading as you will always find their colony if you follow them.

When you have found the colony, you can try to use pesticide (if it is liquid) there. Remember that if you do not reach the queen then it is not going to work as the workers can die easily and the queen may lay more eggs, so they can continue growing.

Call a pest service

If any of these solutions do not seem to work for you, then it is an easy decision to make. Take the phone and call them, so you do not have to get your hands dirty or filled with insects.

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