How to Get Rid of Ants in Garden Without Killing Plants

Sometimes having a hobby is very productive, especially when is at home. Some people like cooking, others like building things like furniture, but there is one that gathers the attention of many, and it is gardening.

Gardening is an activity that you can develop and invest time in. It is quite amusing as you gather the materials and seeds to grow flowers or even vegetables. One thing is certain, you will not only enjoy the process but will take advantage of it.

When doing this activity is common to have seeds scattered around or materials to grow. However, sometimes fruits and vegetables attract different pests that you may not want, sometimes rats, mice and one of the most common: ants. They are a nuisance for the person that wants to keep on gardening, and it is necessary to remove them, so they don’t damage them further. We’ll give you some tips on how to do this, so you can continue doing it without having to worry about killing your plants in the process and successfully remove those annoying insects from your garden.

How to get rid of ants in garden without killing plants

When you’re gardening, you do not need to use some chemicals that can damage plants, as they’re very delicate. One way to do this is to use natural remedies instead of the bugs sprays that are sold in different stores that are said to kill insects, but not only that, your plants will die too. Here are natural ant removers without killing your plants

ants in garden

Using water

First, remember that ants always have a colony, and once they have established, they will come out of it to find food, so sometimes the ants you see are the ones that are foraging and may not be near the colony so if you see them, it’s probable that you will need to search around your backyard to see where they are coming from. Once you have found it, you must select your approach. If you see that their colony is near the plants, it is not recommended to use hot water because it may kill the plants, so using cold water can make the soil damp and unviable for them. If their colony is far away from your garden, just pour hot water and the ant problem will be solved.

Natural citrus spray

This is one of the most recommended sprays since it is natural and nothing bad will happen to your plants if you use it as it is made from organic components that are harmless to your plants but for ants, they will be lethal. The first thing that you must do is find somewhere to mix the ingredients which are: a tablespoon of dish soap, a cup of orange essential oil (you can also add lemon to the mix), 1 tablespoon molasses and a gallon of water. Right after you have done this you just have to spray everything around your garden and places where you’ve seen ants, and they will die off, leaving your plants unharmed.

Soap infusion

As we have said previously, there are different components that ants don’t like and that can be used to get rid of them without having to say goodbye to your plants. One of these is to use dish soap, and if you can find peppermint oil as an ingredient of the soap you may hit the jackpot since ants hate the smell of it. How to make it? Well, first you must find is a teaspoon of dish soap and half a litter of water. Mix it thoroughly till both are fully combined and ready to use. You could use a bit of vinegar for it to be more effective but be sure not to use a lot since this can kill plants because of its properties. Spray it over the affected areas, and you’ll see that ants won’t stand a chance against it.


This is one of the best ways to eliminate ants in your garden. You can create baits easily and with materials that you can buy in a supermarket or a grocery store. The main ingredient is borax, and another one that you want to get is sugar since it will make sure all ants are focused in eating the borax. For the mixture, it is pretty much ½ teaspoon of sugar or anything that can substitute it and the same amount of boric acid. You must mix it for you to get a kind of gel which you will make into balls. These balls need to be put near places you have seen ants. They will be attracted to them, and they’ll die if they it off it. Also, some of them will take it to their colony where others can get it and destroy it completely.

Spray nematodes

If you don’t know, nematodes are microscopic worms that do not harm neither humans nor plants. They are perfect to fight an ant infestation because once they find the ant, they go inside it and kill it once they enter. As a defence mechanism, if ants find them around, they will avoid going there, so they’re used as deterrent to them too. Find yourself a bottle, fill it up with a liquid with nematodes inside and spread the areas you think are being affected by ants and stop worrying about them.

Cinnamon powder

An easy way to avoid ants from getting to your plants is spreading cinnamon powder all around your plants. If ants find it, they will likely turn away, however, this doesn’t kill them, and it might be very difficult to stop specific types of ants which don’t seem to have an issue with it and may go over it, which will lead you to use a stronger approach.

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