How to get rid of bed bugs

All over the world there are many pests. They come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing doesn’t change, the danger they have. From cockroaches to mice, these pesky animals can turn a home in a hazardous place. Not all of them act the same, some wait for you in the safest place you can think of: your bed. Bed bugs are experts at crawling and getting their food while you’re sleeping. When people realize that they’ve infested their houses they ask this simple question: how to get rid of bed bugs? Well, we’re going to tell you all about it.

How to identify a bed bug infestation

The first thing you need to check is your bed. Bed bugs have the tendency to hide in crevices and dark places, so they can feed off you at night. You might see blood stains near their hiding spot or in different surfaces.

Remember that a female bed bug can lay up to 500 pale yellow eggs. They’re easy to miss, however, if you find an adult bed bug they can’t be that far. Try to use a magnifying glass and check your furniture, your mattress, bed frame cracks, and all areas surrounding your bed.

Ways of dealing with bed bugs

Once you’ve found out that your house is infested with bed bugs it’s time to act. Firstly, think in how they got into your house. Many of them go over people’s clothes, so they can go from one host to another. Check if you’ve recently bought secondhand furniture that may have brought these disgusting animals into your home.

You may want to go online and search how to get rid of bed bugs but here we have the best ways to remove them from your premises. Using chemicals will allow you to eliminate them in a faster way but remember that these substances can cause harm to you and your family so it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

Get your vacuum ready

If you’re leaving the chemicals away, then you need to set up a vacuum cleaner. It’s the best way to address this issue in your hands. If you can find a disposable bag vacuum it would be perfect since you’ll end up with many of these bugs in it and if you don’t seal it and throw it away they’ll return.

Try to vacuum the spaces where you’ve identified or seen these bugs. These pesky animals can be tiny so keep an eye on what you’re doing. As you vacuum, you’ll see them, and you’ll take as many of them as possible in the bag. Remove it after you’ve done this at least three times, since you might never know where they’re hiding.

Once you’ve done these you can try other things, so you know how to get rid of bed bugs. And another thing you can do for that is killing them by using heat.

Heat vs bed bugs

Using a vacuum does not only allow you to get rid of the larvae and the eggs. They’re difficult to see and sometimes while you vacuum, you’d spread them over your house since you don’t know where they are. The easiest thing to do is fight them with heat. Larvae and eggs will die if they’re struck directly. Steam also helps, so you can use a steam cleaner for you to remove them.

All the infected items must be preserved

Remember that bed bugs can go from one place to another including your mattress, furniture, pet furniture and more, so they have to be separated from the places in your house that can get them too. After you’ve done the cleaning, you can also take the infected things outside on a hot day so bed bugs that could still be alive can dry out since they’re affected by the heat.

Try to keep your items bed bug free

When you’ve eliminated all those bed bugs that were visible, you need to make other bed bugs that might be dwelling inside your house feel it’s not a good place. Cover your bed with a special bed bug sheet and try to trap them so no bugs can enter or go out of it. However, if this doesn’t end the problem, then you can try with insecticides.

Be careful when you’re using chemicals

Looking for how to get rid of bed bugs you’ll find many solutions, but the most effective one is to use insecticides. These chemicals are dangerous and should be applied by professionals in the matter since they can be harmful.

One thing you have to know is that some bed bugs are resistant to some pesticides so you may need help in terms of selecting them. The best ones are the ones that not only kill the bed bugs but mess with their nervous system making sure the die. Others, like bug bombs that emit a gas that can be toxic for humans if they’re not used in a correct way, so try to avoid them if you’re not sure about how to use them.

Continue to monitor

After you’ve eliminated all those bugs you might have to monitor your spaces for a while to make sure these animals have disappeared completely. If they’ve infected the mattress it’s better to throw it away and getting a new one.

Some bugs might still be able to survive everything, that’s why professionals are for. We can help you get rid of these animals easily, comfortably and without taking any risks and having guaranteed that they won’t go in your house again.

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12 Ways To Prevent Bed Bug In Your Home





12 Ways To Prevent Bed Bug In Your Home