How to get rid of cockroaches

One of the most disgusting sights that you can think of is a cockroach lurking around your food. These insects can carry a lot of diseases since they’re full of bacteria that can affect your health in a significant way, so you surely want to keep them out. Sometimes people don’t know how to get rid of cockroaches, so in this article you’ll see how you can keep them away from your home. However, before moving onto that subject you will need to learn why these repulsive pests can enter our homes.

What do cockroaches look for?

 The first thing you need to know is how they get into your house. These tiny insects are in the search of leftovers since they need to have a good food supply in order for them to lay their eggs and multiply. Sometimes, they can be found in humid places such as rotted wood floors or cabinets, in the rubbish bin and in other dark places.

How do I know if my house is infected?

The first thing that you have to do in order for you to check if your house is being raided by these horrible insects is get yourself a torch and take a look in all of those cracks and crevices around. Take a look inside your closet, bathroom, especially under the sink, and other places that may have a foul smell as a high concentration of them can produce it. When you’ve found the nest you need to start looking on how to get rid of the cockroaches.

Ways to eliminate cockroaches

There are different ways in which you can exterminate these insects. It’ll all depend on which way you feel the most comfortable with. They go from doing it yourself to hiring an expert in the matter since they’re the ones who have the experience and a guaranteed service.

Cleaning your house

It’s a very easy solution, but usually it must be accompanied by different products in order to be effective. During the cleaning you must remove all the dirt that cockroaches look for as that is their main food supply. Cutting it means they’ll have to either leave or find a new one. By keeping your house in a good condition you’ll be able to scare them away. However, there are several measurements you need to take right after you’ve done it so you can maintain it, such as: not letting any food crumbs or leftovers on the floor or different surfaces, washing the dishes as soon as you’re done eating, taking out the rubbish regularly and so on.

Buying traps to fool the cockroaches

If the cleaning your house didn’t have any effect, or you feel that you need something extra to make sure these pesky insects are officially done you can work a way around it. You can go to a store and ask how to get rid of cockroaches and they’ll help you. One of the options is buying a kind of bait that can pass as food. You just have to put it on a dry surface and wait for them to eat it. After they have eaten it they’ll return where they’re nesting and die, letting the other roaches to eat it and spread the poison to all of them in an efficient way.

Other stores may offer gel traps that can help you gather all the roaches in one place. The goal is to lure the roaches using a particular scent that will attract them to the glue where you can kill them or simply take them out. It’s not as fast as other means and they have to be weekly checked in case there are new roaches caught.

Use of homemade poison

Chemicals are great in terms of using them as insecticides. Many of them can be bought in the supermarket or in a detergent store, in this case what you want is boric acid. You can deal with roaches on your own by simply making food using this compound. Mixing it with the same parts of water, flour and sugar will result in a dough that can be used to be placed on the ground as it will attract the roaches and they’ll die. It is better if the dough is placed in a space where children and pets can’t access due to the fact that it’s toxic.

Liquid chemicals

This is a bit more complicated since it requires to be very careful. It is an option, but we do not recommend it, hire a professional instead. Some people use Ammonia to clean surfaces, but you must be extra careful, because it can make you sick and cause damages to your hands if not handled properly.

Hire a professional pest control service

If you still don’t know how to get rid of cockroaches then you might need to hire a professional. Sometimes infestations can be very large and just cleaning or using other resources won’t suffice. It’s better to leave your house in charge to the ones that know the correct way to address this problem. Even though you try to take care of it just to save some money or because of something else you need to think about all the trouble you can forget about if they’re the ones who take care of it.

This is an issue you must deal with before it turns into a more hazardous situation for you and for your family. Having seen all the possible solutions to this problem that is common in most households it is certain that a professional will always be the top choice. They have the solution on how to get rid of cockroaches.

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