How to get rid of drain flies?

The kitchen is one of the most crowded areas in a house. Many people come and go, cooking and eating. Sometimes, when there are leftovers, and the pipes are getting clogged because of this, many animals or pests can appear, one of them are the drain flies.

What are drain flies?

When you talk about drain flies, you must have probably seen them at some point in your life. They’re naturally attracted to kitchens because their main food source is the organic material that has been in standing water, and pipes are places where you can find it, and therefore they are named like that.

They’re common in the UK, although they have a unique appearance. Their wings are greyish and matches the rest of their bodies, sometimes you can find them in brownish too. Regarding their size, they’re small, and they do not technically fly, but they hop from one place to another, not allowing them to get to far distances. They are known to lay almost 300 eggs and to be harmless since they do not spread any diseases. However, they can spread bacteria, leading to food contamination, although this is almost impossible to happen because of their movement type and them, basically, living in your drain pipes.

They aren’t dangerous, but they can become a nuisance due to their big numbers when their eggs have hatched. It being a small animal, there are many ways in which you can get rid of it in a DIY matter. However, we recommend having a pest control service go to your house and check the problem, so you don’t have to bother.

How to get rid of drain flies?

There are several ways to get rid of these animals. We are going to talk about each one since they are all different and have various effects.

Clean your pipes from the inside with chemicals

The one thing that you have to be certain about drain pipes is that if you do have them, they’re going to build nests and lay their eggs inside it. Naturally, they select clogged ones, as this gives them more food sources and survivability.

Buying pipe cleaning products is an option to get rid of them since they are insects and these chemicals are strong against them, so you won’t need to buy a specific one. However, we do not encourage people to do this as dealing with chemicals is highly dangerous and if you mix them there could be trouble.

Using one of them while also trying to clean the insides with a metal pipe brush can be the most effective way to get rid of them because if they can’t find food sources they can’t survive. Before trying with these products, it is highly recommended for you to read the instructions and follow them accordingly. Repellents are not advisable for this since they can really harm the structure of your pipes.

Natural ways to get rid of drain flies

Since we already discussed the ways to eliminate this insect with chemicals, now we’ll show you how to do it in a more natural matter without having to use dangerous substances.

The first one, and the cheapest way to do it, is to boil enough water and then pouring it in the drain. It is a very particular deterrent since it will protect your pipe from flies coming at night for leftovers that weren’t caught by the water. Do this for a week and 2 times a day for more effectiveness.

The other way to do this is by using baking soda, salt, and vinegar. You can have them at home and use them to help you eliminate these insects. With a bit of water, mix all these ingredients until you have a solution and pour it down the pipes. The baking soda reacts with the vinegar, which helps it to reach any place in the pipe, more so than just plain boiling water. Let it settle down during the night and wash it away with water in the morning.

Remember that these insects like to find organic things to eat, and making a trap for them is straightforward. Prepare a bowl with enough water. Add to the water some sugar, apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap, which will enable the solution to catch them whenever they want to feed off it as its thickness will not let them get away.

One that serves as to detect if you’ve got a drain fly infestation, can also work to eliminate them. You do not need many things, with a duct tape set on your drain you can trap flies that try to get away.

These are some natural ways to deal with them, but you can also call a pest control service that will guide you and deal with the problem without you having to worry about it.

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