How to get rid of fleas in your house?

If you are a pet owner there are different animals that you have to consider too: parasites. They are always going to be near your pets and can make them feel sick, and they can make you feel ill too.

Even though most humans will not get bitten by these types of parasites you have to know that it can happen. Dogs and cat are the most affected, and since they live inside your house, they can bring them in.

One of these parasites has the name of fleas. They are tiny animals that can jump very high and can go from one host to another. They are creatures that make pets life miserable, and they usually jump and bite humans too.

Fleas can live in many places

As they are parasites, they need a host from whom to live off. They like sucking blood, and even if they do not find a proper host, they can jump into another one. One of their favourites is cats and dogs. They dwell in their fur and take blood as much as they can.

If they cannot find a host, they jump until they do. They hide in your clothes and your carpets until they find one, or they have already sucked enough blood and hide inside again.

The danger of these types of infestations is that they can start from a minimum, only one egg. And it is impossible to the human eye to see. It is hard if you do not know how to get rid of fleas in your house as they can reproduce quickly.

Prevention is key

If you do not want fleas invading your home, then you have to start from preventing them to enter. In this case, you need to protect your pets first as they are the perfect hosts for them. Try to buy a special shampoo that can make them feel repelled to your pet. It is easier when you ask your veterinarian on what to do in this kind of situations.

Remember that not only your pets need help, but also your home. The thing that you have to keep outside are flea eggs, but since they are tiny, it is better for you to seal any crack that you have and replace any rotten planks or cabinets as these places are perfect for critters that want shelter.

Fleas live off a host, so sometimes keeping rats and mice away can be another way to prevent them from coming in. This is the worst-case scenario. Having food scattered in your home can also attract different animals that you do not want.

What can I do if  my house has already been infected?

In this case, there are certain measurements you need to consider, and it can be very hard since one of them is the use of chemicals. If you want to know how to get rid of fleas in your house, call a pest control service. Chemicals are very dangerous for you and your family. Not only that, but they can affect pets too. It is hard for them.

The first thing that you have to do is identify the source, and in this case, if you have pets they may be the problem. You need to start the treatment with them because you need to eliminate them from the source, so they cannot come to your house anymore.

Meanwhile, you are fighting with the infestation at home you have to take your dog to a place where it cannot get any more of these animals, so they do not start it again. Leaving them at a friend or a sitter is a good idea.

Vacuuming is your best friend

In cases where you have fleas you need to vacuum all over the place. Check your carpets, furniture, clothes and everywhere fleas might be hidden. They are tiny, pay attention at a brownish figure jumping, or a small dot. When you have finished doing this you have to get rid of the bag as it can contain many of these animals and also their eggs.

When you have vacuumed your house from top to bottom you need to start thinking in how to eliminate the eggs that may have been left by adults. Wash your clothes and linen with hot water as this can dry eggs and prevent them from hatching.

Another thing on how to get rid of fleas in your house is to put a bowl filled with dish soap

Fleas that jump are going to be trapped in that sticky mixture. However, this will only work with adult fleas, and you will still have to deal with their eggs.

But a way to eliminate them is cleaning everything with steam. Steam furniture that has been affected by them and that you think there might be more of them there. Hot temperatures are the thing that can kill them.

Other ways require a more difficult and dangerous risk, a smoke bomb

First of all, any chemicals that you use are always going to affect you and your family. This one is a compelling but very dangerous solution. It is going to spread a gas all over your house, you must wear a mask as it can be very toxic. We do not encourage the use of this product since it can endanger your life.

If you do not want to or cannot take this situation and turn it around by doing it yourself, you might just call a pest control service that can make sure you are safe and your house is left with nothing from these pesky animals.

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