How to get rid of flies?

When you go to a house, and you see a fly, you immediately start thinking in filth. These animals can be seen all around the world, and they are the most common sight in a house aside from pets. It is normal to find them in dirty spaces, rubbish cans and so on. It is difficult to keep them away from home since they lay eggs all around the house and larvae starts popping up.

However, there are different ways on how to get rid of flies. They can be natural or using different pesticides. Remember, that it is recommended to remove them without using a chemical first, as they can be dangerous for a person who has asthma or another respiratory condition. It is better to call a professional that knows the correct way to eliminate them, any pest control service can do this.

Why should I keep them away?

First, there are many kinds of flies all around. Some of them can bite you or your pets, and others just hover around you looking for food, which they need to survive. It is important to keep them away because you do not know which kind of animal you have in your house; they can be bothersome.

There are many diseases that are usually associated with flies, for example: diarrhoea, dysentery, food poisoning, among others. They can endanger your family even though these are not too serious for your health. So, you better know how to get rid of flies as soon as possible.

To kill or not to kill?

It is easy to think that it is better to kill them than to naturally repel them. You can think of killing them by using pesticides that you can buy in any market, but remember that they are chemicals and although you think they are harmless, they can affect you either way.

You need to know that not only pesticides are the only solution for your problem. There are many other DIY solutions to think of first, and not only that, but plants and herbs can help you.

Using plants

As we said before, an easier and human solution is for you to use different herbs and flowers. You can have them planted outside your house, or even in pots in your house. This will prevent flies to enter because they are repelled by the smell of the plant or flowers. Among the ones that have this effect are lavender, catnip and basil. They only need you to water them, so it’s a cheap and decorative way to avoid them in.

There is also a special plant that can help you control the population of flies. This is the Venus flytrap. It is safe for you to have it at home. Try to plant them on the outside since their main food supply are insects and if you have them in you might have to feed them with flies or other insects.

Keeping everything clean

Sanitation is critical for you in order to keep this annoying animal away. It is easy to do so. First, you need to clean all the important parts of your house, especially the kitchen. It is one of the biggest rooms for them as they can find food and water all around it, these are some ways on how to get rid of flies.

Try to dispose of all the rubbish you have indoors. Leave any rotten meat or decaying food outside if you do not want them in. Animal faeces can also attract them, change your cat’s litter can be beneficial to fight the flies.

DIY mixtures

There are several mixtures that you can create in order to trap them, so you can no longer deal with them. We are going to talk about some of the most important ones.

Dish soap and vinegar

This trap is one of the easiest to set up. You will need a jar where you can put a little of vinegar and a dish soap. On top of it, you have to make some holes big enough for flies to fit and also for the smell to spread, so they can realize that it is there, and they get in the jar only to drown in the mixture since dish soap is not going to let them escape.

Water with cayenne pepper

This one is not a trap, but acts as a herb that repels flies. You only add a bit of cayenne pepper in a recipient of water, so you can spray it over your house, so those disgusting animals can keep distance.

With the use of traps

How to get rid of flies? This question has a pretty easy answer, and that is: traps. They are easy to set up, and you can use them with good results, and you can even buy them.

Electric traps

These are the most common. They consist in having a box with a light that is going to attract the flies and when they touch the light, they will be killed instantly. You need to place it on the outside of your home, more than 1 meter away from the door. As usual, this solution can be dangerous, so apply it thoughtfully.

Sticky traps

This kind of traps is also easy to set up. You only need to buy the sticky paper and put it where you want it. Also, you can hang it, so it helps with the flies that like to stay in the air. You can put them all over the kitchen or places you have seen flies. They are not that effective though, so be sure you use them with other kinds of traps too.

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