How to Get Rid of Grey Squirrels in Loft or Attic

Squirrels are rodents that people consider are cute. When you see them in your backyard or near you, you do not feel threatened or have a negative thought; however, these are called invasive pests, and you don’t want them near your roof, loft, or attic as they will have a negative impact.

What’s the negative impact that they have? First, they’re invasive, and they go all the way in destroying your furniture, gnawing on wood surfaces making sure that they end up being unusable, and more so, contaminating potable water kept inside tanks with their stools and urine. It is not nice to find out about this situation, so when you know something has been going on, it is time to act and avoid dealing with the trouble much further.

Signs that there are squirrels in loft or attic

If you want to know if there are grey squirrels in your loft or attic, the first thing that you need to know about is their behaviour. They tend to be more active at night and will do almost everything before sunrise. So, if you hear stumbling and loud noises at night, you might probably need to check it out. Also, if you have done some investigating by yourself, you might find some droppings around areas they have visited, however, you have to make sure they are squirrels’ droppings as most of them look like other rodents’.

Another way to know if they have been visiting you, is constantly spotting them around your garden, fence, or just near places that they can use to get to the loft or attic. Also, sometimes they will peel trees’ bark, so make sure all trees around don’t have any damage to them.

How to get rid of grey squirrels in loft or attic

Once you are sure that you are visited constantly by these pests, you must get rid of them as fast as possible. You want to avoid having them at home as you have seen how destructive they can be with things. There are different ways to get rid of them. We’ll talk about the most effective ones, but it is better if you get help from a pest control company near you.

Squirrel Repellent

Regarding repellent, there are many ways in of sending squirrels away, even though some of them may not linger enough to work for a long time. For example, one of the most effective ones is ammonia. This has a strong smell and soaking a towel with it for a while and then putting it in the spot where they nest will have them go away as soon as possible. However, sometimes, it is used with other repellents to cover each other weaknesses and maximise their results.

If you don’t have ammonia at home, there are others like peppermint oil, mint scented cleaners will also work as rodents have very sensitive sense of smell and won’t come near spicy smells. This is a natural solution but remember that sometimes it might not be as effective as other ways.

Turn on the lights you have in your loft or attic

As we have said before, grey squirrels are active at night, so having a light inside your attic or loft can really make the difference. Most of them feel uncomfortable if there is a light that exposes them to their natural predators and might not want to return if they seem vulnerable. If you have found a dry, which is the name of their nest, it is effortless to find a lamp or put a light directly to it, which will deter grey squirrels from it as they won’t likely stay and start looking for another shelter.

Make sure your attic or loft is noisy

When you think of it, if your house is infested by grey squirrels, they are going to make sure you hear loud noises in your attic or loft. Ironically, if you start making loud sounds in the place, they are staying you’ll scare them off because they dislike it. And not only that, is that they will think that there are people inside and will be forced to bail and go to another place. Of course, you don’t need to turn it up a lot, if they can hear it in the attic or loft, it is fine.

Remove nests you see

Another way of keeping them away is to remove any nests that you see. Some of them might be on trees near your loft or attic, and they seem to get there by climbing trees. Make sure there are no animals living in it before destroying it because birds can also use it. Once it is destroyed completely, squirrels will not get to it.

Use traps to catch them

The last resource to get rid of grey squirrels in loft or attic is the use of traps. Remember that some of them are humane and don’t kill the animal but trap it, so it might be better that way. However, you need to see a specialist that can tell you whether it is legal or not to set a trap. If you have spoken to them, then proceed to select the trap. It is better if you pick one where the squirrel can live.

Pick the best bait for them, in some cases peanut butter is the best bait since it is not solid enough for squirrels to grab it and move it, so they will have to go and get inside the trap. Also, it is important to think about the position where it is set, it is better if you put it near the hole, it enters, so it can be trapped quick. You must make sure you look over the traps because if the squirrel is trapped for a long time, it can basically die.

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