How to Get Rid of Horseflies Around the Swimming Pool

Horseflies are terrible animals. Everybody knows what a horsefly is since they’re usually around farms, sucking cattle and horse’s blood. They’re bigger than a normal fly, this in terms of their wings and their body.

The female fly is the one that has a terrible bite, and it injects a poisonous venom that leads the person to have a lot of pain which can’t be cure with common medications and if the person is allergic to them, they could even die. Therefore, the horsefly is a problem that should concern everybody, especially the people that have pools since they are very attracted to them.

Why are horseflies attracted to pools?

One of the main things that the females need to lay eggs, is to have water around. The weather needs to be humid enough and warm, which a pool has. And, since they’re attracted to things that move, people seem to be part of their diet sometimes. The fact that they attack only during the day can be worrying, especially because you don’t want to have a pool day with one of them attacking everybody.

Get Rid of Horseflies Around the Swimming Pool

How to get rid of horseflies around the swimming pool

As we have said before, a pool offers horseflies one of the best environments to lay her eggs and increase their population. However, they’re very aggressive bitters and you do not want them to ruin your pool day, so you need to take measurements for this not to happen.

We do not recommend the use of any type of substance that may cause any risk to your health, instead, we recommend hiring pest control experts. Still, here are some options.

Use sticky paper traps

Horseflies will go flying around the pool area looking for some food or a place to lay their eggs. One of the best ways to eliminate them and avoid them doing something bad to you is to put some strings of sticky paper around your pool. This will get all the horseflies stuck in the paper without an opportunity to escape. Of course, once they have filled with flies or other aerial pests you should remove them and set out new sticky paper.

Keep your swimming pool area clean.

One of the main things that horseflies want near your pool area is to lay their eggs and having vegetation there can improve your chances of them coming. They love humid and moisturizing grass and weeds as this sets out to be a great environment for them to breed. Removing the grass in the area can affect this as they won’t have any refuge where to rest from the hot weather that the season can bring.

Removing any rubbish

Although horseflies are attracted to animals to feed on blood, they are known to have a fixation for rubbish as in there they can find food. This doesn’t help you and you want them as far as possible so you must try to clean it every day, so they don’t come near it. Put your rubbish bins as far away as possible, or you might also seal it and put it somewhere else but nowhere near the pool.

Use pesticides as deterrents

Pesticides can be used for eliminating horseflies or just simply make them stay away from where you are. Remember that some pesticides tend to be toxic so it is recommended to look for one that is non-toxic or one that is natural, which can also be of great help. There are several pesticides that are made from chrysanthemums plants that have been dried out and treated. These are safer to use when there are pets and children around. However, they might not be useful all the time due to horseflies being resistant to some pesticides once they have been applied. You do not want them to be like that, so using other type might be recommended, or even changing it every time. It is not recommended to use pesticides near bodies of water because they can be contaminated, and you don’t want to damage the environment with that.

Traps only for horseflies

Another way on how get rid of horseflies around the swimming pool is to buy traps that are custom made for horseflies. These are proven to be very effective and have been built for that. Their effectiveness comes into fruition when they horsefly lands and there is no prey. By that time, it has already been sentenced to die. It can’t escape, and because of it being made of metal, it naturally heats up quickly, giving an end to the fly. They can be used to eliminate large populations of horseflies and you do not need pesticides for that.

Bag traps

This seem to be one of the most effective ways to eliminate them. The trap consists of two parts, one which is a kind of funnel which leads the horsefly to the place where there is food. However, they will not be able to escape through the tunnel they entered. The downside of it is that the smell of the food, plus the trapped and dead flies can be pungent and many people will not feel well smelling that. It is advised to put it in a place where not many people are gathered, far away from the pool, but without making it a great distance so it doesn’t trap as many flies as you would like near the swimming pool area or its surroundings.

Light traps

We have said that horseflies do not feed at night but during the day. Also, they feel very attracted to light reflections and in your pool, there are many. So, why not take advantage over that? Light traps are very shiny, and their purpose is to attract horseflies and other flying pests directly to it. When it gets to it, they will receive an electrical shock that will kill them instantly. Nonetheless, remember that these work with electricity and you don’t want an accident so to avoid getting it splashed with pool water. Put it near the pool but far enough for this not to happen.  

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