How to get rid of moth infestation?

Although some people think that moths are not a threat to human beings, they can bring lots of trouble to them. Pests come in different forms and colours, and their seriousness vary between each animal, and some can be more harmful.

Even though moths are not as harmful as a bed bugs per instance, they can be annoying and take a serious toll on our daily life since they mess with one of the most important things in our closet: clothes. Not only that, but carpets and furniture are victims to these types of animals. You need to be aware on what to do when you suffer from this, so we will tell you how to prevent an invasion and remove them if they have already entered your home.

Know the moth types

Clothes Moth

This one is the most common one, and the most difficult to identify since its eggs are minimal, and they can only be seen when they have become adults, leaving you uncertain if you have one of this kind of infestation. Holes can be seen when you have this pest in your home, and they do not only like closets, but they can be in your drawers looking for clothes to destroy too. Dark corners are their favourite places to lay their eggs, so be extra careful when checking those spaces.

Carpet Moth

Also known as Trichophaga tapetzella, this animal can be harmful, not for clothes but for carpets. If you want to know how to get rid of moth infestation you have to know that it is difficult to recognize that they have been dwelling on your carpet. They will leave traces of thread and patches in the dark areas of the carpet since they are attracted by dark places for them to reproduce and keep on damaging your furniture.

Food moths

These are more noticeable since when eggs hatch and grow into white larvae with a bigger size. Their preferred foods are oats, muslin and dry food packets that have been opened for consumption. They will eat it, especially if they have been stored in dark places.

Preventing measurements

If you do not want this type of animal at home, you have to take special measures. One of them is the habit of brushing the clothes you have worn, especially the ones that are made of fur or wool since moths’ eggs can get attached to this type of material, so it is better if you just remove them by using a brush.

Sometimes we leave our clothes in our closet for long periods of time, and that is one of the easiest ways it can become prey for moths, so it is better to wash them before you hang them, but do not only dry them with the dryer, but sunlight can make sure eggs do not hatch and become troublesome.

Also, keeping your clothes in a dry space will make sure they stay away. How to get rid of moth infestation? Just try to prevent it before it happens, and you will not have to go through the rigorous process, we are going to talk about in order to remove them from your home.

Removing process

Once you have them in, there is no way back, and the need to have them removed grows. First off, one of the scents that insects are repelled by is cedar. You need to fill the air with cedar, as it releases pheromones that they do not like.

If you want them to stay away your closet, you might as well hang a bag full of herbs that they hate, such as rosemary, lavender, thyme, among others. This will ensure they do not go around it, but if you really want them away, try spraying your clothes with some of their essential oils, so it can be more effective.

Other way to remove them is to set different traps around your house, these usually come with moths’ pheromones, so they are naturally attracted to them, make sure they are sticky. Moths will just land on them, and they will not have a choice but to be trapped and in some time they will die.

Be sure to vacuum your house at least 2 times a week in order for the eggs that have been laid on your furniture can be removed from them; this is how to get rid of moth infestation 101 since their eggs are the things you cannot see, and they carry the biggest threat.

Since they are very sensitive to heat, it is better if you just wash your clothes with hot water and also put high heat during the drying cycle in order to kill the eggs before they hatch. Although some clothes cannot be washed like this, you can choose to put your clothes in the freezer and keep them in for a day, so the cold can avoid eggs from hatching.

Vinegar can also be your best friend in these cases. Provided that you see larvae or adult moths in your drawers or closet it is better if you just wash them with a combination of vinegar and water, killing them instantly.

One of the best things to do is to call a pest control service. They can help you eliminate the pest without you having too much trouble. They can offer you several treatments that fit your needs, guaranteeing you that they are going to be eliminated and your clothes can be free of holes, and you will not need to patch them up again.

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