How to get rid of rats in the garden without poison

Rodents are animals that live among humans. Some of them live in the sewers, but others are more into living near better food and water supplies hence sights have been reported near gardens. These are places where these pesky creatures can set a home and you won’t like that. Diseases, infections, and other things may come to your household if they set foot on it.

If you find them, you’ll need a safe way to get rid of them. Sometimes poison is not the solution since your garden is a place to gather and there might be kids or pets that can be affected if they get in contact with it so here we will show you how to get rid of rats in the garden without poison so you can sleep easy and know your family is safe.

Neat and tidy garden

Since rats look for food, water, and shelter, if you take one of these away from them, they may not choose you as a target, so it’s better if you keep your garden clean. Remove the logs, tall grass, and debris you might have there. Take into consideration that they’re nocturnal and like to hide in dark places so as long as you’re free of caves and crevices where they can enter, also remove the grass near storage areas and try to organize and clean up.

Remove food sources

When you have pets, it’s common to leave their bowls filled with food on the garden, but this is not a good thing. If you want to know how to get rid of rats in the garden without poison, then this is one thing you must avoid at any cost. Leaving food outside is to call rat’s attention to your garden so it’s advisable to remove all sorts of food and water recipients for pets during the night.

Having a pet is also a good option to get rid of the rats. It’s not only to hunt for rats, but to let them know there’s a predator at home, and they aren’t likely to pay you a visit as they enter another animal’s territory.

Repellent scents

One thing that rats have is an excellent sense of smell, so one of the ways to repel them is to use some peppermint oil. Using it strategically will help you keep them away. You just have to fill some cotton balls and spread them in points where you think rats may enter. Don’t forget to put them in the garage too. Also, try to reapply this repellent again every day or at least 4 times a week not to lose the effect.

Keep on moving

One problem that rats have is that they fear going through new things, so one way to easily distract them or confuse them and making them leave is setting different obstacles in the garden. One way of how to get rid of rats in the garden without poison is this. Having many configurations and place objects will make a disruption in their territory so don’t let things remain as they are for a long time.

Check your running water

Water is as important as food for these animals, so without it, they can’t set a home where to settle down. Check all the sources of water you have in your house, may these be taps, drains, etc. Make sure drains are protected since they can enter through the pipes. Water bowls for pets must be removed too.

Don’t leave food on the floor

Some people that have pets, most likely birds tend to scatter the seeds on the ground while they’re feeding them. Rats can eat almost anything, seeds are no exception. If you own a bird and you have it in the garden try to have the food in a recipient where the bird can’t scatter them, or have a cage with a piece of cardboard or something in the bottom that doesn’t let seeds fall.

Build an owl house

This sounds crazy, but it is very effective. Remember that owls are predators, so they can take care of those rats in a matter of days. First, you need to build a house on your garden or near it. Try to make it big so owls can fit, but not so big. Large birds and squirrels may come too so you have to be careful when building it.

These are ways how to get rid of rats in the garden without poison, they’re not that lethal, but let’s discuss them immediately since sometimes there is no way to get rid of them humanely.

Buy some rat traps

Even though traps are one of the most effective ways to get rid of rats, they’re lethal, so you have to be careful when placing them. Some of them can be used to trap them and then releasing the animal in another location. Luring the rat is critical since you want it to be in your grasp. Put some cheese or any other type of food, so they can get inside and be trapped. A special mechanism is used to get them in and not escape.

As we already said, you have to be careful, put the traps in a space where other animals can’t get in, or they’ll get hurt. Hide them under a box or other objects so only rats can pass through the opening and get inside. The best thing to do is to call a professional service, so they can place traps strategically, so any non-taught species get hurt. 

Try with chemicals

We do not recommend the use of chemicals if you are not a pest control professional because it can be dangerous. Some people claim that chemicals can be effective, for instance, dry ice. Why? Because it releases carbon dioxide that acts as anaesthesia and sleeps the rats and kills them quickly.  As you can imagine, misusing this method can result in intoxication, so better call the professionals.

You’ve seen the do-it-yourself ways on how to get rid of rats in the garden without poison, but if you want a more professional way, then hire a pest control service as they’re certified and guarantee you to be free of these rodents.

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