How to Guard Your Home Against Stink Bugs?

Once Autumn comes, the weather starts getting colder and colder. Humans start in their preparations to withstand what Winter brings, and if you think about it, humans are not the only ones that do this, but bugs do too. Many of them start gathering food, or some just enter in a state of diapause where they stop their development to survive those months.

Others pay attention on man-made structures and tend to go inside when the temperatures go down, and this is the case of stink bugs, which are armoured beetles that prefer to stay outside in hot weather but go in once it gets colder.

First, you need to know what they are and how to identify them to make them stay away from your house. The second thing to do is call a pest extermination company to guide you about the best way to eradicate bugs that are harmful to your health.

What are stink bugs?

These types of insects are part of the family of beetles and have large bodies in the shape of a shield. Their most distinctive colours are green or brown. They’re not very big as they can only grow up to 1 cm and are pretty much harmless to human beings, however, there are others that do grow bigger and can even eat pests like caterpillars and aphids. Normally you will find them lurking around in Spring or Autumn as it is the moment when they wake up or are looking for shelter to be protected from cold temperatures.

As it was previously stated, these insects do not bite humans, they are basically incapable of doing it due to their mouths not being strong enough to pierce our skin. Even though they don’t bite, they can do something against humans, and that is triggering allergies because of the chemical that is released once crushed since a prolonged reaction to it can lead to dermatitis.

Also, you shouldn’t take their name for granted as they do stink. This is a chemical that is stored in their abdomen. The smell of it is miserable, it is as though food had been stored and left to rot for many days or just the smell of expired milk, it is seriously unbearable and unpleasant. It is not only that, but it lasts for several days of having thoroughly and deeply cleaned the place where the insect released it. They do not need to feel threatened or stomped over, because if this happens it will eject some of it to you or the ground, it can even be sprayed over for several inches.

How to Guard Your Home Against Stink Bugs?

There are different ways of protecting your house against this pest. However, remember that still the best way to do this is to hire a pest service that can give you the satisfaction of removing them without you having to worry about it or spend time doing something to stop it.

Seal any entry points in your home

The first thing you need to know is that these insects will go to any place where they find warm temperatures as they know that if they stay in cold areas they will die, so it is quite easy to find them lurking through cracks in your walls, crevices on the floor or other areas that seem warmer than the outside.

You must make a thorough inspection around your home to find the places where you may have cracks or crevices, it doesn’t matter if its concrete or any other material, but these need to be filled, especially if they have been found near windows or doors or the union between two different materials like wood and brick. Try to seal them with caulk so nothing can go through them.


One thing that doors have is that they are all around the house, and most of them offer protection, but sometimes it is not the case. You need to check the seals that they all have as a worn off seal can be broken, and stink bugs might get inside through those tiny cracks. If there are spaces which they can use to enter it is better to replace them before it happens.

Using window screens

Most of them are crawlers, so they look for open places where they can enter the house but if you have door screens or windows screens installed, they won’t have the chance to enter. Of course, if they are broken, then you will need to replace them as soon as possible. Some homeowners tend to rub some dryer sheets as this keeps bugs from blanketing the screens.

Keep your lights turned off

Stink bugs are heavily attracted to lights, so having your lights turned on will attract them. Even though it is dark in the evenings, if you don’t want to tempt them to come in, leave them off.

Eliminate food sources

It is known that pests look for food sources aside from warmth. It is mandatory for you to have all the food sources contained in bags and the kitchen cabinets and countertops must be cleaned so they do not come inside looking for it, they really like it.

Use natural repellents

There are very good ways to deter bugs while not using chemicals. There is one smell that makes them go crazy: mint. It is a very strong smell and they do not like it. Using a mixture of water with ten drops of min oil can really make a difference. Try to use it while the water is warm. It is necessary to spray it around the places where you think they might enter like air vents, window frames, and other places where they might hide.

Squish some of them

Even though it is not technically a way to repel them, it is known that if you kill some of them, they will spray their chemical in the place of death and they will recognise the smell and will make them stay away from it.

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