How to identify wasp nests?

Around our houses, especially if we live in areas where we can find lots of green spaces, there might be insects that want to enter it, or to have a life there just as we do. It is significant to know what kind of insect we have in our homes, since they can vary, as some of them might be more dangerous than others. In this case, we will be talking about wasps and why we need to identify if we have a wasp nest in our garden or inside our homes.

What makes wasps and bees different?

Sometimes people confuse bees with wasps. Of course, they have differences that you can recognize at plain sight. Generally, bees have exceptional yellow and black colours all over their bodies, while wasps can be not only yellow and black but many colours, even red.

Furthermore, their sizes are different. Wasps tend to be longer, while bees have an almost round figure that you can easily recognize. Their wings tend to be smaller, according to their bodies, except for the queen. On the other hand, wasps have bigger wings and more of an elongated figure.

Their nests vary in size, so you can set them apart. Having a bee nest in your house is not that complicated as having a wasps’ because the former is more aggressive and can attack anyone who gets close to it, having serious consequences. Do not mess around with wasp nests.

How can you identify if there is a wasp nest nearby?

One of the first signs that you will notice is the increase in wasps near your house. They can be seen flying looking for food sources around, like flowers, nectar and sometimes even other insects. You can take this to your advantage, as you can follow one of them from a near distance, but not too close, of course. This will lead you to the nest, so you need to be cautious not to upset them, their aggressiveness is known to be fierce.

wasps nest

Where can you find wasps nests?

This is a common question that has a simple answer: anywhere that you find a crack, or a dark space may be ideal for wasps to build their nest. There are examples of these places, like cracks in a building, garden sheds, which tend to be their favourites since they are not going to be disturbed at any moment given.

Moreover, you can find them under the ground, where basements are. This can be very troublesome. You’ll see that when you follow the wasp, they will take you directly to the place they are hiding. A sign that tells that one of them is there, is the deafening sound of buzzing.  Check every place around the house where darkness fosters, and you will find it.

What do wasp nest look like?

It really depends on the type of wasp because each one of them has a different way to approach building them. A wasp nest can start as a simple ball made of material and saliva they have collected and from there it starts to grow. Most of them tend to have a hole in the bottom part where wasps can enter, and a round shape, almost like a balloon.

Also, some of them look like a honeycomb, with its rounded and circular shape, but remember not to get near them since they are aggressive insects that can attack you when you are near their territory. The ones that create nests with mud are not as dangerous as the ones that have a proper nest since these only put the eggs inside mud “balls” that the adult wasp will eat from the inside in order to go out.

How can I identify a wasp nest?

First, one of the main ways to do this is to find a wasp and follow it directly to the nest. It is not complicated, but dangerous as they can sting you if you are not careful. An Other way of saying that it is indeed one of them it is by checking the material it is made of. Naturally, most of the nests are made of wood that has been chewed previously, mixed with saliva in order for it to stick to the location it is going to be placed, giving it notably walls made of a papery material.

Remember that you need to search your whole house for you to find a wasp nest. They are hidden in many places, as they like crevices and dark places. If you see that there is a rounded structure near a lamp, or in your basement you can hear a very distinctive sound, then there might be a nest in your premises.

It goes from being almost the size of a golf ball, to a football in a couple of months. In the summer is when the wasp starts to raise their number since the queen lays many eggs and as a result, it gets bigger and more dangerous to be around.

How can I avoid having a wasp nest?

It is easy, since what you need to do is keep every entry that can be used by wasps to create a nest. Also, if you have protected your house, doors, and windows with fly screens this will help a lot since, as wasps are almost the same size, they are not going to be able to enter.

Keep your rubbish bins protected with their lid on so if a way were to enter to get food from it, it would not be able to do it, thus removing itself from the property as there are no resources to get.

Sometimes you do not want to deal with wasps in your home, so it is better if you call a pest control service to remove it for you.

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