How to keep cockroaches away?

Cockroaches are disgusting insects that tend to lurk around your house looking for shelter, water and a good food supply. These insects are sure, not very good-looking, and you might not want them around since they carry lots of diseases that may spread to humans so keeping your house roach free should be one of the things you want.

Don’t let food in your kitchen

This is one of the most important things when you don’t want this insect around. They really like to eat whatever they can find; crumbs are their favourite food so whenever you cook or prepare something in your kitchen try to disinfect it and leave all the countertops and cabinets clean. Get rid of all the possible sources of food, and they will not have any interest in invading your home.

Check the possible water sources

This insect likes to be around dark places. Some of them can be storage units, garages, closets and also bathrooms. The thing with bathrooms is that they tend to have water, and if there is a leak in your washing areas there might be a problem. Try to keep everything dry around your bathroom. Do not forget to put your toothbrush in a plastic bag or sealed in another space.

Cracks and crevices are a no

Once you are done with the water sources, you have to check the places that can be a home for these insects. Remember that when you want to know how to keep cockroaches away you need to take their size into consideration. They are minimal, so they can fit in different size spaces, threatening you since there can be cracks and crevices that are perfect for them.

For you to keep them away is to have your house checked, you can either do it yourself or a professional, the thing is to seal all of them. This will let them away and not interfere with your life. Not only check the cracks and crevices, but they can build nests in places like boxes, inside light fixtures and other places around.

Have a cold environment

There is something that makes cockroaches feel unwelcomed, and it’s the cold. Having a cold environment in your house or flat can help you with roaches. Their muscles can feel tighter and restricts their movements, so they might not want to be there.

Keep your rubbish bin cleaned

Decaying food can easily attract this insect, so it is safer if you keep on emptying your rubbish can or bag whenever you have food there to not invite them into your home. Also, another way to avoid them is to leave all those rubbish bins away from your house, at a safe distance, so they don’t get inside.

Be careful with your pet’s food and water

Remember that cockroaches are omnivores, and that means they can eat almost anything. Also, when pets eat, they don’t leave everything clean and tidy, and all the crumbs they have left tend to attract roaches to where they are. If you serve them food, make sure they didn’t leave anything and use a swipe to clean the remaining.

Deep cleaning can help out a lot

The last thing that can leave roaches away from your home is cleaning. As you know, roaches love filth, and if they see that something is dark, dirty and has space, they will surely build a nest, starting an infestation that you may not like.

Do not hesitate when cleaning. Try to use as many cleaning utensils as possible, remember that removing food from the kitchen or around the premises can help you to keep them away. Crumbles under the cabinets, in the pantry or under the fridge can foster their growth as they like warm places.

Vacuuming the floor, carpets and not leaving a trace of anything edible for this insect is a win. They are not going to find survival easy in your home, so they might retreat. Change your rubbish from time to time (do not leave it for much time), keep the counters tidy and nothing will come.

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