How to know if you have dust mites

Having dust at home is impossible to avoid. You could not stop it from showing up. In those molecules, you can also find many things, even insects which are called dust mites. They are microscopic creatures that we deal with every day, but generally, they are not dangerous as they don’t feed off humans or something similar. Although, they are easy to confuse with bed bugs which can cause trouble, so make sure you know which one you’re dealing with.

These animals don’t leave any bites like bed bugs do, and they do not feed off blood, but may certainly leave skin rashes as humans have allergic reactions to them. These reactions can cause trouble, so it is better that you check if they exist. But, how would you know they are inside your home? Well, these are a few things you can do to find them.

Find them under a microscope

This is the best way to know you’ve got them. As they are microscopic, you won’t find it that easy to identify. Get a microscope from any place, if it’s a compound microscope it would be better because you can check transparent beings easier. Of course, it doesn’t have to be new, so even in thrift shops you could find a 10x one that will do its thing.

Once you are done with finding a microscope, you can start with the second phase. You need to find a piece of tape that is clear enough, so you can get a sample from any surface where dust is observed, this can be taken from the floor, shelves, cabinets, among others.

When you do this, you just have to put the sample under the glass, of course, being careful of where you put your finger, you may not want to mess with the sample. Try to turn on the light of the microscope, this will help you find their bodies faster. If it doesn’t have a lamp, you might as well use your cellphone or another source of light for you to see them better.

After you have set up a lamp, start looking to see if you can find arachnid bodies, dust mites don’t have eyes or antennae, but they do have long hairs along the edges of their bodies, and with this, you can be sure that they are dust mites.

Using an allergy test for dust mites

One of the most telling signs that your house is contaminated with dust mites is the allergy. So, you can try one easy way, that is buying a kit, so you can test the level of allergens you have in your house. Usually test strips allow you to do this rather than having to go to a lab.

Many of these kits have a container that is attached to the hose of your vacuum cleaner, so the testing can be done at the same time you are cleaning your home. Remember that every kit has its adaptor in case the collector doesn’t fit on the hose.

Unlike the microscope, many samples may be taken from different surfaces, so you can figure out the spaces of dust mites. It is mostly recommended trying with 4 spaces, you have to focus on each of them for 30 seconds, making this an easy and quick test.

When you have got the samples, take the collector from the vacuum, put it in a safe space and go look for the liquid for testing. Apply the number of drops that are recommended in the kit, and you’ll have to wait for about 10 minutes to know what the test results will be. Check the box for further information on what the test shows.

Identify your allergy symptoms

Sometimes dust mites can cause different allergy symptoms that must be checked out. Although many of them are similar to the ones of the flu, you might want to identify them. These symptoms can start by just inhaling them or if any of them touches your skin. Rashes are naturally one of the most telling signs that your house is infected with dust mites.

The easiest way to do this if you go to a specialist. They will do a test regarding your skin, which is called skin prick. They are going to poke you with allergens and wait for your body to react to them, obviously it is a small sample.

Moreover, you can have a blood test done, where they are going to identify all the allergens that can make you suffer from allergies. The best thing about this test is that, unlike the skin prick, this one can tell you exactly what you are allergic too because if you are taking an allergy medicine it will not show you every possibility.

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