Pest control in Battersea

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A place where there are pests is a place no one wants to be in. At any point in our lives we’ve had to see or kill a bug and that is a disgusting thing to do. Having an infestation in your home or business is way worse and you may have to act upon it.

In our company, Huntsman Pest Control we try to solve this issue in the most effective way. We believe that a fresh and clean place is a place where you want to be and stay. We can give you that since our pest control in Battersea professionals has trained professionals in eliminating these pests with certified and effective products. You can call us at any time since we’re working all day long in case you have an emergency.

As soon as you know you’re being affected by any of these problems you should give us a call. Many prefer us because we’re a company based in London and rapidly growing getting to many places like Battersea. We’re waiting for you.

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+ Get £50 voucher to our Premium Services

Our professional pest control services are available in Battersea

If you are in Battersea and need pest control services, then you might want to contact us. Our process is straightforward so customers don’t go through any trouble. We receive your call and immediately after that we start arranging an inspection to identify the kind of pest that you have and the severity of it. We can offer free of charge inspection.

Once the inspection has been carried out a report will be sent to you in order to know about the infestation and what is the plan we could apply in order to get rid of the pests.

At the end of the inspection a report will be handed over to you so you can see what’s the best solution or treatment for your case. In this report you will also have the quotation of our service to get rid of your pest infection.

Issues can surface between the owner and the council, so we offer free support on those affairs. On other cases we can help you when the owner argues with the tenant about the cost of the service. These are uncomfortable situations but we can assist you.


Which are the benefits of hiring professional pest control services in Battersea?

These are a few things you’ll enjoy by hiring us:

You’re working with professionals

As part of our service, we offer certified products and technicians that really care and can efficiently get rid of your pest problem leaving your house or business without any of these pests. Our Battersea pest control professionals are trained to keep you safe and sound during the treatment.

Up to one-year guarantee

If you are unsure about the service we provide, we offer you up to a one-year guarantee in the treatments we provide, depending on the services hired.

Our customers’ needs are ours too

We believe that the client’s needs to be first. As professionals, we adapt to your schedule and try to get to your home or business whenever you are available.

Free inspection for our clients

One of the best benefits of being our customers is having the possibility of a free inspection carried out in your house or business. We do this beforehand in order to know how serious the infestation is and the best way to go over it.

Experienced professionals

Our Battersea pest control staff has been hand-picked and selected since they fulfil our standards in efficiency and safety. They can do their job correctly and with the best results.

We stand as a local business

As a local company we try to keep the balance between cost and quality since our clients deserve affordable services with guarantee.

How do our Battersea pest control professionals work?

There aren’t many steps when you want to contact us. The main one is making the decision and picking up the phone. We are available 24 hours a day ready to assist any customer that contacts us. After the inspection is done we will give you a report which will reflect the problem you’re facing and the treatment we can apply so you can be free from pests.

We will continue working with you since we follow up each one of our clients to ensure their house is safe and no pest is in sight. Also, if a problem arises and you need our assistance we will be there.

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Maintain the health and well-being of families and businesses
Offering pest control treatments and education to prevent pests.

Offer to our clients a life free of pest.

Check how our clients see us

To see that we’re a respectable, efficient and serious company you can check our client’s reviews in many sites such as Google reviews, Yell, Bark and so on. This will ensure you that we’re the ones to get rid of your pest control.

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We have over 100 reviews with 5 stars on Google in 2020 and our total average is 4.9

Some pest control services we provide in Battersea

Pest problems can go very wrong if you don’t treat them. Call us now and let us help you.

Cockroaches treatment

When these insects get into your house, they don’t only bring filth and dirt, they also bring diseases that can harm you and your family. It’s best if you keep them as far as possible from your home.

Bed bugs removal

One of the worst kinds of pest are bed bugs. They feed off you and your pets leaving itchiness and blood stains in the places they hide. Also, they like to find other hosts, so they move a lot. It’s better to eliminate them before they spread more.

Rodent control

These insects do not only cause ruckus in your house, but they can damage the structure badly. If you don’t want to spend money trying to recover what they’ve destroyed then act immediately.

Pest control in Battersea

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