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Pests are usually a nuance in everybody’s lives. These animals do not care about you or your family. They just enter your home or business in Chelsea and start making ruckus. Sometimes, it is not only that they are walking through your home, most of the time they stay and that is when trouble begins for you. Considering this, you need to take serious action against this threat.

You can easily get rid of this and other threats by calling Huntsman Pest Control in Chelsea. We are a company at your service, whenever you need us since we are up and running 24/7 as we know that an emergency like this can happen at any time. Call us here in Chelsea, and we are going to make sure this is handled the best way possible, and not only that, but to do it rapidly.

Infestations tend to be more dangerous the longer it is present. As a Chelsea pest control service, we can help you eliminate it and cleansing your home from the diseases it might bring, that are not only bad to you, but to your family too.  Pick up the phone and do not be afraid, we can handle this and more with our experts in the area.

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Pest control professional services in Chelsea

Our company in Chelsea is directed to the customer’s needs. Every one of them is different, and our best approach is to adapt to them, that is why our work never stops, and we are always looking for the best workaround to the problem for you. Everything starts with a call. Subsequently, we can schedule a visit to the grounds, so we can inspect the premises and see how serious the infestation is. This inspection (if scheduled) will be free of charge, so you do not have to worry about it. Only after we have done the inspection and propose a solution, usually accompanied with a quotation, we proceed to do the job.

Included in that report you will find the severity of the matter, also the work that must be done and the ways it can be fixed. We can provide you not only with that service, but in any case that there is a problem with the owners and the council because of the treatment, and also owners vs tenants concerning the refund of the cost of the service.


Our pest control services in Chelsea will make you enjoy from benefits like

When you contract our services, you will enjoy:

Not having to worry about a badly done job

In Chelsea we offer the best pest control service possible in order to get rid of the thing that worries you. We have a staff full of professionals that get the job done in a short time, and effectively removing what you have in your home or business with the best results.

Guarantee in the services provided

Each of the services we have as a company comes with an up to one-year guarantee for you to feel safe as we know that dealing with it is very hard, and the solutions that involve DIY are not so effective.

We adapt to our customer’s needs

It is known that people have different schedules and are available at different times of the day, that is why we have set our pest control services in Chelsea to be adaptable to what the customer wants and needs. We are going to be at your home or business whenever you want us to so do not think we will waste your time because that is something that we value a lot as you do not get time back. You set the date of the appointment, and we will be there.

Inspection before doing the job

The way we treat infestations is one of the most effective since we carry out an inspection in order to assess the risk of the infestation and to state how serious it is so the customer knows and has the report which reads the focus of the treatment.

Professional staff at your service

In our company in Chelsea we have the best team for you. It is our duty to give you the best service, always thinking about you, so that is why our workers are professionals and skilled in our areas of expertise.

We are a company based in London

Even though we are based in London, you will have no problem in finding us in Chelsea since we try to provide pest services in all the area, giving you fair prices as we know that some treatments can be costly, so we balance both.

What is it like working with our pest control professionals in Chelsea?

Whenever you want to start working with us, you will have to go through a few steps.  First, you need to call our services in Chelsea. You can do it at any time given since we work 24/7 just for you. Then, an inspection will be scheduled, so we can check the grounds and give you the quotation of the treatment that needs to be implemented. This inspection could be free of charge.

Like we have said before, we are only a call away. If you call us in Chelsea, we can help you set in any pest related endeavour. Even if it is in the middle of the night you can communicate, we will respond as soon as possible. Thereafter, we will schedule the appointment as soon as possible, so you can keep calm and know what the problem is. It is free, so you do not have to worry about pricing.

Finally, when the treatment has been finished, we will continue to give you our support in order for you to feel safe and to guarantee the service that has been provided.

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Offer to our clients a life free of pest.

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Which are the most requested services in Chelsea?

Call now and get your free inspection and eliminate the pests once and for all.

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We eliminate bed bugs by using Knockout Pest Control, with which the exterminators make sure to treat all areas where the pest can hide.

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Not only are mice dangerous to your health, but they can also cause damage to furniture and electrical installations by gnawing at the wires. Exposed cables can be the trigger for fires.


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