Pest control in Greenwich

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All over the world you can find different animals and insects. Some of them are harmless, but others are not so much. Most of these animals and insects target our favourite spaces, and that is our home. This is the place where we can be quiet, relaxed; the place where we can forget all our worries. It is very difficult to do so if there is a pest in your house making you crazy and risking your life and your family’s.

As pest control services here in Greenwich, we know that it is not comfortable to live in a place like this, we offer our services all around London. We know that sometimes these pets can carry many diseases and can harm you, your family and even your property. So, as a pest control company, we have set as a mission to remove those pesky animals and insects from the places they lay and make you feel good again.

Our pest control professionals in Greenwich can help you any time of the week and at any hour since we are opened 24/7 for serving you completely and at any time given, this, in part because sometimes these infestations can get out of control, and you do not have the right tools to fight it. You could do it, but remember that chemicals are very delicate and have to be treated with care.

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+ Get £50 voucher to our Premium Services

How's our working process?

Firstly, you have to take the decision to call us. It is up to you whether you do it or not since sometimes these problems can be taken care of in a DIY way, but it has other risks too. When you make the call, a customer service representative will make sure you get the best attention possible, and they will ask you about your problem.

To know the severity of the issue we could have to pay you a visit. Do not worry, this will be scheduled with the representative and you, so we can go at the time you need, and the place does not matter since our pest control services in Greenwich can work it out for you.

An inspection will be done, and it will be free of charge. This is only to know what the threat is and to find the right treatment as to remove it completely. When this has been carried out, our staff will give you the quotation for your specific problem, and we will help you with that.


What benefits will you have from hiring pest control professionals in Greenwich?

Some of them will be

Efficient and effective

We do not like to wait a client’s time because in the world, we know that sometimes time is money, and we do not want you to feel taken for granted or not valued. Our professionals use the best techniques of pest removal immediately. We will make you feel comfortable and free off those little monsters.

Every treatment has a guarantee

How can we make you feel more comfortable? Well, our services have an up to a year guarantee, so your home or business will be free of pests. It does not matter if we finished our job a month ago, we will follow up on you to see that the problem is solved.

Our priority is the customer

We do not like to take our customers for granted, this is why we adapt our work to their needs. Not everyone is the same, so the timing they are home or the date they are free always depends, so we take everything into consideration.

Inspection for free

For us to identify the problem and tell you which treatment you will need, we are able to do an inspection that is going to be free of charge.

Trained staff at your service

We hire professionals and train them in order to have the best quality of service.

Company based in the UK

We are a local company that has different branches throughout the UK, getting to many places like Greenwich.

How it is like to work with us?

Take the first step and call us now. After the call has been made, the person that you contacted is going to set up an appointment for our staff to see the grounds and assess the risk and evaluate the treatment that needs to be used.  This will not have any fee.

Later, after this inspection has been carried out by our professionals in Greenwich, they will give you a report stating the severity of the issue and the ways you can eliminate it. You can be sure our professionals are ready to take on any pest they find.

Lastly, after the treatment has been taken care of, always with the best service and the best quality products, we will follow up with you to check if the problem has been removed completely.

Mr Gion Florea – DIRECTOR

Maintain the health and well-being of families and businesses
Offering pest control treatments and education to prevent pests.

Offer to our clients a life free of pest.

Do you want to know more about us?

To know more about us, you just need to go to different sites where we have been rated for our services like Google Reviews and Barks. See it for yourself.

Our customer's experience


We have over 100 reviews with 5 stars on Google in 2020 and our total average is 4.9

Which services do we provide in Greenwich?

Call now and get your free inspection and eliminate the pests once and for all.

Bed bug control

We eliminate bed bugs by using Knockout Pest Control, with which the exterminators make sure to treat all areas where the pest can hide.

Rats control

Rat control can be ineffective if it is not carried out by a professional. Rats carry diseases and can put your home at risk.


Termite fumigation

This type of pest is not the kind that will hurt your family in any way, but your home can be severely damaged because they tend to crawl and eat up all the wood near them. They must be dealt with immediately.


Roach infestation

Roaches have a very foul smell that is going to bring you discomfort in your own home. Also, these animals bring diseases, so it is better to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Pest control in Wandsworth

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