Pest control in Hampstead

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A clean and fresh place only brings good memories and impressions. Having a dirty home or filled with unwanted insects and animals can be a sight no one would like. These pests carry different diseases and health issues that you may want to avoid. You would wonder how you can get rid of them and it’s with us.

At Huntsman Pest Control in Hampstead we believe that by bringing the best pest control service at a fair price and availability you can be safe whenever and wherever you are. We are based in London, but we can get to many cities and towns. Just call us, and we’ll offer our services here in Hampstead.

If you know that your house is being infested, you can’t wait much longer. Having these kinds of unwanted animals can be a health hazard. You wouldn’t want to expose your family or your friends, so it’s better to get rid of the problem as soon as you can. We’re the best service in Hampstead, with certified products and professionals that carry out effective treatments for these problems.

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The easiest way to hire Pest control services in Hampstead

We try to make it easy for our customers, so they can have solutions as fast as possible. You only have to call to our service phone here in Hampstead. After the call has been received we will make an appointment with you since there are different kinds of infestations, and they have several degrees of severity. This will be free of charge, and it’s only to determine the approach since all the cases are different.


At the end of the inspection, a report will be handed over to you so you can see what’s the best solution or treatment for your case. In this report you will also have the quotation of our service to get rid of your pest infection.


Sometimes problems may arise between the council and the owners, so we give you our support for free as well as guidance if there are issues between owners and tenants arguing for the cost of the service.


Get to know more of the benefits by hiring our Hampstead pest control professionals

You’ll enjoy of many things such as:

Get the work done

Our workers are professionals who have experience and make a great effort when it comes to efficiency and safety. We work hard in order for you to feel good and free of pests in your house or business.

We offer a guaranteed service

Our treatments and pest control services in Hampstead have up to one-year guarantee. You’ll be free of those disgusting insects and animals after we’ve finished with your home or business.

We fit our customer’s needs

As a company, we always try to be up to what the client needs. We’re going to go to your house in the time you’ve established and don’t waste it.

Get a free inspection

When we communicate with our customers for the first time, they can get a free inspection to see how serious the problem they have is. We’re not going to charge you anything for that, and it can be scheduled the best time for you.

We work with professionals

In order for us to provide the best pest control service available in Hampstead we have a staff with professionals and experience that can handle any infestation.

A local business

Our base is in London. We are very near our customers to give them support as they need it. Furthermore, we try not to be expensive and always have a balance between quality and cost.

See how our working process goes

It’s pretty easy to get the best pest control service in Hampstead. We are just a call away. When you connect with us we’ll schedule an appointment, so we can inspect your home. This will be free as it is only to see how serious your problem is.

After we’ve looked around the premises and checked what’s the problem, we are going to give you a report that will indicate how grave is the problem and the best way to eradicate it.

Then we’ll keep checking in with you as to be sure that the service provided was successful and also to make sure any problem you have we’ll give support in order to solve it.

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Maintain the health and well-being of families and businesses
Offering pest control treatments and education to prevent pests.

Offer to our clients a life free of pest.

We have a good reputation among our clients

If you want to check our customer’s reviews you can go and check them in Bark, Yell or even Google Reviews. There you’ll see why they have selected us and our professional record.

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We have over 100 reviews with 5 stars on Google in 2020 and our total average is 4.9

These are the most popular pest control services you can get in Hampstead

Take care of yourself and other. Call us now and schedule an appointment.


When you’re carrying out a fumigation you need to take many variables into consideration since chemicals are used so safety is first. With our technicians, you’ll ensure that this is done legally and in the most effective way.

Mice control

These animals bring health hazards to you and your family. Not only that, they compromise electrical installations, furniture and food. You want them out of your house as fast as possible.

Bed bugs treatment

Bed bugs are pests that can hide in all the cracks and crevices around the house. They take away your blood and infect your pets.

Pest control in Hampstead

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