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Every year we must make a check-up on our houses. Remember that as time goes by, structures change and materials rot, maybe you got some insects living inside your house, something is wrong with the heater or many other things that by doing this inspection you’ll find. It is important for you to do it because you might discover many things as pests inside.

Pests are hard to deal with, and sometimes people want to get rid of them by using chemicals and some DIY solutions. This is not highly recommended since you must spend a lot of money on things you don’t know if they are going to work, and things that might harm you or your family. It is encouraged not to do it and let professionals help you with that.

This is where Huntsman Pest Control in Westminister comes in action. We’re a company based in London, with a staff full of professionals in the area that ready to take care of your needs 24/7. We consider that having pests is harmful and dangerous, so we provide a full service at any time you want, fulfilling any request you have in Westminister.

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30£ off your first service

Why is it easy to work with us?

Sometimes companies tend to be very complicated when you want to hire them. First, they ask many questions for them to have an idea of what’s happening, we are not going to do that. In fact, we could offer you a free of charge inspection where our staff will see how serious the infestation is and come up with solutions that can remove the pest as soon as possible. Huntsman Pest Control offers all the people that live in Westminister different services and each one of them is available 24/7.

The free of charge inspection comes with a quotation for you to check on the treatment we’re going to use and tips to maintain your house or business without any of these disgusting pests. Remember that we’ll guide you every step of the way, not only when the treatment has been applied. We’ll give you different tips and ideas to avoid suffering from this again. Furthermore, you will have a one-year guarantee in case you have a problem with pests and a year hasn’t passed.

Sometimes problems may arise between tenants and landlords on the cost of the treatment, and we can help you with that, even with problems you’ve got with the council.


Review the benefits we offer:

Guarantee for every treatment that has been applied

Once the treatment has been applied, you won’t have any problems with pests in your home. However, in any case that they might return, we can cover that for you as you have a one-year guarantee for it. Don’t forget to follow all the tips and recommendations that our staff gives you, so you can protect your house for a little longer.

Do not waste your time trying ongoing DIY

Sometimes people just try to buy chemicals and products to get rid of pests. These solutions might bring harm to you and your loved ones, so why not working with us? We’ll do the job quickly and effectively, saving you time and trouble.

Great staff with qualifications

As a serious company, we know that the more knowledgeable in the area, the more efficient the job will be. Therefore, we have certified and skilled workers who can provide you with the best service at a fair cost, which we know is also a concern for our customers.

Local company

At Huntsman Pest Control we’re aware that in many places, not just in Westminister you can have problems with pests, but all around London, and we are here to help you remove them and make you be at ease.

What’s our way of work like?

As we have mentioned previously, you’ll have the complete attention of our customer service representatives 24/7. They are there expecting your call, and once you have reached out, they will ask you some questions to get the most information possible to send it to our staff, so they know what to look for. At the same time, they’ll arrange an inspection, which is free, just to evaluate the seriousness of the problem you’re dealing with and the type of infestation they’ll have to face.

Once the inspection has been carried out, our staff will send you a report of what’s going on at the place where they did the inspection. You will know exactly what you’re facing and an ideal treatment, so you can eliminate it for good.

As one of our policies in Huntsman Pest Control in Westminister, we are going to give you a one-year guarantee over any treatment that you get. Hence, after it’s been applied, we’ll keep in touch during several months to monitor and not let the problem come back again.

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What are the services offered in pest control in Westminister?

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Flea removal

Fleas are very difficult insects to deal with. If you have pets, they’re going to make their lives miserable by biting them as much as they can. It is easy for them to jump from one place to another and continue moving until they find a host. It is recommended to remove them from your premises as soon as possible since their population can become higher.

Rats control

Rat control can be ineffective if it is not carried out by a professional. Rats carry diseases and can put your home at risk.


Mice control

Not only are mice dangerous to your health, but they can also cause damage to furniture and electrical installations by gnawing at the wires. Exposed cables can be the trigger for fires.


Cockroach elimination

Infestations with cockroaches are common, and they foster rapidly when the conditions are met. The foul smell will alert you. They bring diseases and many bad things, so eliminate them quickly.

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