Signs of foxes in your garden

It is quite common to find some animals in your garden every once in a while. Occasionally, there are birds, squirrels, and many harmless animals, however, there are times when you can find some other uninvited guests that you really need to get rid of. A few of them can go away easily, but smarter ones can become quite a headache.

Foxes are intelligent animals, adapting quickly to all that has been happening around them in terms of the change of the landscape or other things from the environment. Many of them have settled in cities and suburbs, bringing with them several annoyances.

Signs of foxes in your garden

Foxes are animals that you want to keep away from your garden, as they can eat animals and plants that you have or just destroy the garden trying to find food or water. In addition to having a way of getting into your house unannounced, if there are foxes nearby, they will go around it several times, and then you’ll find some signs of their visit.

Paw prints

As a detective does, you have to look for clues around your house if you have to determinate if these animals are getting in. Sporadically, it is easier for these prints to be found when there is mud or snow around the property. If you have pets, you may confuse them with a dog’s print. Although they are very similar, they have differences which you can check, for example, the length of the traces, and they tend to be much narrower than a dog’s. If you don’t have a dog, and you find paw prints, then you are more than likely to be visited by a fox every once in a while.

Fox droppings

The same as with paws, if you have pets, then you must check out the difference that they have, as they can also leave some droppings in your garden. Naturally, pets do their business outside, so do foxes. There are a few things that must come to your attention when you do it, as they will differ a little.

The first thing you will find, is that generally, these kinds of droppings have seeds, fur and other things, since their diet consists of eating animals, plants, among others. Furthermore, you may find a big difference in the smell. Usually, fox droppings have a pungent smell, being this one sign that you can recognize pretty easily as pet’s droppings are not so smelly.

Holes around the garden

Foxes can dig up giant holes for them to do several things. One of them is to hide their food, so no other animal can go there and take it. They have an excellent sense of smell, and also of touch, they can even feel worms under the ground, and not only that, but they can sense buried animals too, so try not to have any animals buried in your garden if you can find foxes in your surroundings.

Fox screeches

Although foxes are quiet animals, they naturally walk around without making any sound since they don’t want any predators to find them. During the night, it is another thing. When they are starting to enter their mating season, foxes will produce different sounds, like screams and screeches that may wake you up in the middle of the night, and not let you sleep.

When the female fox has given birth, cubs are the other cause of noise. They can start fighting with each other during the night making it torturous for you with their screaming and whickering.

Prey remains

Remember that foxes are predators for the most part, so they are always looking for an animal to feed off, so it is natural that when you have a fox living near your house you can find some disgusting sights.

It’s not like they will leave the dead animal in your garden, but they might just dig a hole and cover it, so they can come over again and keep on eating. Some things you might find can be leftovers of birds, like their feathers, squirrels’ fur or tails, and also rats.


As birds make nests, foxes can dig holes to create a den. Whenever they are mating, they are going to find a place to take care of the cubs, and their preferred spots are basically under wooden constructions, which can be your house. Although this will depend on the month you are in because generally cubs start going out of it when they have come of age, or maybe if it is directly under your house you will listen to some noises before april.

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