What Bugs Come Out in Spring and How to Avoid Them?

Winter is the time when most bugs you and enter in a “hibernation” state. Their activity reduces significantly and most of them will die, and others will just try to make it till Spring. For them, it represents more than warm weather. With it, they will go out and get their food and all the things of which they were deprived.

There are many insects that come out, and you must know which ones are going to be on the outside doing their thing so you can avoid them and have an awesome springtime. Also, if you are dealing with an infestation of any type of bugs, call pest control experts to get rid of it.

Bugs that come out in Spring

We will talk about the most common insects that come out in Spring and take advantage of the warm weather.


The butterfly population tends to hibernate in the months of Winter as a pupa. They spend the whole season in that state and wait until the first flowers bloom to start breaking out of it and start feeding from the sweet nectar that was recently produced by the newly bloomed flowers.

Not all the types of butterflies you can find hibernate, some of them try to survive winter months by just hiding in places they can get warmth, especially in tree barks or other places like crevices outside of manufactured structures like houses or buildings. It is ideal to leave them alone if they are seen, as if you try to help them it is most probable that you will kill them while trying. The first butterflies that come out will oversee starting the pollinizing process of the surrounding flowers.


These animals have hierarchy, so the queen is the one that is going to come out first. As butterflies, you can say that they are natural pollinators and tend to go after a flower once they are out as they need to eat desperately to regain their energy spent during the hibernation time in Winter. If they do not find food on the day they leave the nest, they are at risk of dying.

There is one queen per beehive, and naturally there is a different queen every year, in which the new virgin queen must get the “throne” by killing the other queen in a fight. Once it is done, this cycle will start again next year if the beehive is still standing.


Like bees, bugs like wasps tend to get out of their beehive once the winter is done and go look for food as soon as possible. First, queens are the ones that go and look for food first, and not only that, but they need to find a place where they can stablish a nest and start growing as a community. They are one of the type of insects that go and forage food right after temperatures start getting warmer.


In terms of flies, you will start seeing them right after Spring begins. Their mating season is during this time, so sometimes you might find more of them all around you or your house. Right after they have awoken, they find food as soon as possible. They could either go to flowers to find nectar or rubbish. Should they not find what they want, they will go to your home where there is food. Do not let clusters come into your home, they are quite common during spring.


Mosquitoes are extremely dangerous insects as they transmit quite a few diseases. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in still water, and they enter a state that is called diapause where all their developing processes stop until the weather changes and the temperatures rise. Once winter has gone away, adult mosquitoes and the ones that were “hibernating” will start appearing and try to mate with other mosquitoes, although this usually happens in summer which comes to be their mating season.


There are several types of spiders that can survive winter entering a state of diapause, however, there are others that try to find shelter, especially in manufactured spaces where they can stay safe. They go around and look for places to nest where the temperatures are not as high and do not suffer the effect of winter that hard. They might go for your closet, basements, attics, among others. Some of them usually bring wellness to your home because they eat pests and keep your house clean.


One of the smallest insects in the list, ants can and do hibernate during winter. Before this, they prepare as much as they can by eating food and gaining weight because they will live off it during the cold temperature months. They try to stay together in the colony to preserve their warmth. However, when the temperatures start rising again, you will find them lurking around foraging for food and doing what they had been doing before that moment.

How to avoid insects that come out in spring?

There are several types of insects that we talked about, most of them share ways to avoid them, but they are naturally not the same and some solutions may be more effective than others.

For flying insects like mosquitoes, it is mandatory to have nets around your windows and doors. Especially if you have seen them. This will protect you from them, however, the more places that you have covered, the better and safer you will be.

Taking out the rubbish regularly or just keeping them outside will give you more room to fight houseflies, though if they are harassing you, you might want to use some repellent to keep them away. Rain can also become a problem if some of it is stored inside or near your home. Bugs take it as a new water source and can be more prone to stablish near that place.

Leave bees and wasps alone if you do not want to be stung. Try to avoid flower fields that have bloomed recently because you can find these dangerous bugs around. Be safe.

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