What to do about cockroach eggs in your home?

You can find different pests around the world, but one of the most common is cockroaches. These insects are disgusting, they bring so many diseases to your home and have a bad smell when they’re concentrated in one space.

Not only do they bring disease, but they are insects, and they reproduce quickly by leaving their eggs in certain places so they can continue growing in population. Today you’ll learn about how to take care of cockroach eggs and removing them from your house so you don’t have to deal with adults.

Female cockroaches

If we want to know about eggs, we need to talk about the female cockroaches first. There are certain areas in your home that may be affected by these creatures. They love warm and humid areas, so it’s natural that they like to lay their eggs in the bathroom or the kitchen.

This egg is not a normal egg but a capsule that has lots of young cockroaches inside. It is not that big, almost 10 mm long and light brown coloured. These capsule is produced by the female cockroach every few weeks, carrying it before it hatches, trying to see where it can be introduced (any crack or crevice) once the hatching starts to happen.

The thing for these animals to become a large population in such a short period of time is that the birth cycle is ongoing, so they can continue coming and coming out reaching a large infestation in a short period of time.

Where to find cockroach eggs?

If you want to stop the infestation the first step is getting rid of the mother, but you also need to know where they put them so in advance you know the place to find them and kill them.

The sight of a roach might be a sign of an early infestation, so try to keep track of where you saw it so you can find the eggs that have been laid. First of all, check in rubbish cans or recycling bins since they’re dark and may attract roaches. Also, pantries where food is stored can be one of their best food supplies so they can be found there. Don’t forget to check drawers, places where you eat or leave crumbs as you attract them.

Why do I have to get rid of them?

Firstly, as we said before, cockroaches are very dangerous, and they can bring several diseases. Their eggs can do that too. Some of them can even trigger any allergies you might have. You could get cough, skin rashes, nasal congestion and some others.

How can you eliminate them?

Remember that cockroaches are everywhere and you may need to inspect your house so you see them. If you want to eliminate them, first you should call a professional since they’re experts in the matter and they’ll help you exterminate all of them and they’re eggs because it doesn’t matter if you eliminate the adults completely, as there might be many of these scattered around the house waiting to hatch.

Get rid of their mother

As we said before, the best way to get rid of the eggs is eliminating their mother. You need to go around your house looking for a potential nest where cockroach eggs might be. Also, you can leave some food crumbs near where you think it is and check it regularly so you’re sure they’ve eaten some.

This way, you’ll check if they are active. You could buy some bait, they’re usually sold on Amazon or other different stores. Place them where they feed and then you’ll get rid of it. They aren’t poisonous for humans but it’s best if professionals do this.

Bug spray

There are certain bug sprays that may leave roaches sterile, so they can’t make the capsule and you’ll get rid of the problem fast. Although, if you’ve already found some egg capsules this isn’t going to help as what they do is make eggs unviable. For this case, there’s another bug spray that can help you, they have a non-toxic substance that dehydrates the eggs, and with that, killing what’s inside them.

Vacuum your floors

This is a good way to eliminate nymphs and eggs. In contrast to the bug spray, there can be other animals lurking around that weren’t affected by it and you have to counter attack. Try to star vacuuming in places you’ve sprayed as to clean everything up. Remember, cockroach eggs can stay in the bag and survive, so try to put it in the freezer because cold is one of the best ways to kill them.

Throw away any hiding spot

Sometimes cockroaches get inside places or things we’ve accumulated during the years. Many of them can be disposed, so you’d better look in any old box, newspapers you have or things you have stored as cockroaches like dark places too. This is a very good complement to vacuuming.

Other measures to take

In order your house not to get infested by these things you should follow different recommendations. One thing that is very important is getting rid of any food crumbs or rubbish you have at home since they are attracted to it.

Use your dishwasher to keep everything tidy, including cups and kitchen utensils so no cockroaches have to go to where they are since when you cook you’re alerting them, and if you leave crumbs there is a possibility they might come.

Lastly, if you feel that you can’t control the infestation, remember to call professionals who are at your service and who can solve this problem without you having to worry about it.

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