Where do bed bugs come from?

A bed bug is just as it is called. It’s a pest that hides in our bed or any crevices nearby for them to feed from a human host. These animals need blood to live, so they tend to get their grips on humans when night comes. Sometimes when you see this type of pest you think, where do bed bugs come from? It’s a very general question and it seems the best answer for that is everywhere.

What are bed bugs?

As their name indicates these are bugs that come to your bed at night and feed. It’s not only human hosts that they feed off, but also pets and birds. Some of them can be seen by plain sight crawling and hiding, however, some others, the ones that haven’t got to the adult stage can be more difficult to pinpoint. Maybe you think you don’t have an infestation at home because generally, they hide so you can’t see them since they tend to camouflage themselves between filth and dirt, but it is a serious issue that must be addressed.

How do I identify a bed bug?

As you’ve seen these insects can hide so humans won’t detect them. In their adult stages they can be seen at plain sight, but that is not the case for the nymphs. Their shape is an oval, they’re brown and flat until they have fed, and then they become more noticeable since they grow and you can see them as a big red dot. Where do bed bugs come from might be the question you ask yourself when you find them, and it’s the moment to start thinking in how they got to your place.

Where can I find bed bugs?

These pests are all over the world. There isn’t a place where they can’t be found, and that’s why they’re so annoying. They attach themselves to people and look for their next host, so they can attack again and infest their household. For you to be more cautious you need to know the places you can find them.

Furniture, toys and other objects

Sometimes when you go to a garage sale and see lots of objects you find interesting you might be more cautious. Furniture that has been passed down or that is second hand may carry these sneaky animals. The person who is selling might not know if they are living there, and they’re only focus is to sell so most of the time they won’t say anything so you need to be alert and look for the signs.

Furthermore, toys and clothing are the perfect means of transportation for these pesky bugs since they attach themselves, and they go “hitch-hiking” to the other host. When you hold them or wear them you can be in danger as they will get a grip on you.

Hotels, inns, and motels

If you are in one of these places and say where do bed bugs come from then you might be facing an issue. Going and staying in a hotel, motel or other lodging options can be frustrating and more if you feel like it’s not a safe place. These locations have a great deal of people moving through and through, so it’s not difficult for this little animal not to be there.

A room can become infested if one of the guests brings them in. They can’t jump or fly, so they must’ve found a way to enter through the luggage.


If you are living with a friend or a partner that can become a problem too. These animals won’t care on how clean your flat or housing is, they will go from the other person to you. It’s critical to identify if they are in the premises so you can do something about it.

How can I know if I have bed bugs?

You can be certain about the presence of the bugs if you do or see different things. The first one is the sight of blood stains around your bed or any crevices nearby. This is one of the most telling signs since they feed off blood and leave it in their faeces.

Moreover, white eggs can be found near areas where they hide. You have to be careful or you’ll miss them. However, there’s a particular smell that these insects give off. When they’re mating or there’s a male bug it releases a particular smell. Where do bed bugs come from? You might find them as being the source of the smell.

The last thing on how to know if you have them it’s seeing an actual bug. They’re pretty easy to see as long as they’re adults. They have large bodies, and they’re red-coloured so it’s not that hard to overlook. Remember daytime is a hard time to get them since their feeding time is nighttime. Furthermore, their shed skins can be seen. They are difficult to find, though.

What to do after identifying an infected household

Once you are sure they live in your house, you have to take several measurements to get rid of them. If you know they are coming from, then you just have to isolate the source and treat your house. The best thing to do in this kind of situation is to call a pest service as they know how to eliminate them and let you sleep easy without having to encounter these disgusting animals.

If you know where do bed bugs come from, then you must know this is something that you have to deal with and try to take action so you, your pets and your family feel safe and in a clean environment.

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