Which is a sign of a pest infestation?

Whenever you’re dealing with pests, you must make sure you know what’s going on in your house. Remember that most of them have different characteristics and types, which may or may not seem obvious.

It is essential for you to pay attention to all the details and the irregular things that may be going on inside your house. There are signs that talk about which pest is in your house, or in general, how to recognize if something is going on.  These are the following:

Droppings are found in your house or around your garden

One of the tattle tales signs that you’ve got an infestation going in your house is finding droppings in your house or around the garden. Mice are one of the most common pests around, and once they have burrowed and made a nest, they go around in the search of food, and having found it, they will defecate, leaving several droppings where the food is. Be careful, since mice spread numerous diseases, and they can be deadly.

The type of infestation that is occurring depends on the type of droppings that you may find. Rodent ones are the biggest and they’re solid. Insect droppings are smaller than those, so it might be a little more difficult to see, but you can also find parts like wings, dead skin, and other body parts.

Stinky odours and sounds

When you’ve got an infestation in a room, you might find the smell of it funny. It is quite different as the overall smell of your house or flat. Even if you use some air freshener, it won’t still be enough to hide it. If you know that this is happening, it’s time for you to go and check all the houses from top to bottom, especially in the room where you have felt that. The slightest difference can pinpoint the place where the infestation is and identify which pests are living there.

When dealing with pests, you might hear different sounds like scratches in any surfaces, especially doors, since they are outside and inside. Insects can also make noises, although you must listen to them closely, as some of them are quiet.

Dead bugs around

Whenever you see cadavers or carcasses of different insects or bugs, there might be an infestation as many of them happen to drop dead all the sudden, especially cockroaches.

Damage to fabric or clothes

The first thing that might come to mind when you talk about damage or holes on clothes. Having this is a particular sign that tells you that there is something eating it. Moths are not the only ones that do this, unfortunately, there are a lot more like beetles, ants, mice, among others.

You must look carefully for small holes in every surface that has fabric. Carpets, furniture, and clothes are their favourite things to eat. But not only finding holes is a sign, you must check for stains, smudges, or droppings near it, this can help you identify if there is something too.

Damage to physical structures around your home.

Pests like termites do so much harm to your home. They destroy and eat all the wood they can find, if it is a big infestation, it might even leave it totally wrecked. Other pests like rats or mice like to gnaw all wooden or other kind of surfaces that are fragile and succumb to their teeth. It is easy to see scratches or little holes when you’ve got them at home. Make sure you carry out a thorough inspection if you ask yourself the question of which is a sign of pest infestation.

Damaged plants

This may seem very minor, but damaged plants reveal a lot from your home. You can see leaves being eaten by different animals and not only that, sometimes there can be dead patches on the grass that can indicate that something is happening. Moreover, uneven grass can show infestation. Most of the pests that do this are flies, crickets, beetles and more.

Active pests in different areas

If you see any type of pest, even a single animal, you must pay attention to that. Even though it is an obvious thing, it needs to be checked as pests are likely to grow on population very fast, especially mice. When there is a sighting, you must search in every room as they really like to hide, dark places are their favourites.

Once you have found out that you have a sign of a pest infestation inside your house, you must act quickly and diligently. Some pests take a toll on the structure of your place, others spread very dangerous diseases that can be harmful to you and your loved ones. Make sure you contact us, and we will help you with any case you have.

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