Why do mice come into your house?

Having a house entails having to deal with many things that can happen around it. Sometimes you expect them, however, many times it is unexpected and takes you off guard. It does not matter the way you approach the issue, but to act as fast as you can.

One of these unexpected situations can be having mice in your home. They can be there because of many reasons that you might not know of, so that is why we are going to talk about the existence of these pesky and disgusting rodents in your home.

Why do mice come into your house?

It is pretty common to see mice running around your floor. These rodents are very adaptable, and as society and cities continue to grow and change, they are up to the challenge. Remember that they are just like you, they need to have some conditions met in order to be around a place. These basic conditions are food source, water, and shelter.

What does your house offer for mice?

You have to know which the four main things mice are looking for in your house.


During winter, temperature drops a lot, making mice feel the need to find a nice location with good temperature, so they are not affected by the freezing temperatures and die. If you have any cracks or crevices on the outside of your home, they can find and detect heat coming out of it. So, why do mice come into your house? Because of the low temperatures on the outside and the perfect “weather” inside.

In this season, you might use the water heater, so you can take hot showers, and when you do this the water heater also heats the ground, making it a great place for mice to dig and stay since what they need is to get away from the freezing temperatures.

Cracks and crevices

Sometimes we think that our house is completely sealed, and no one can enter. At least we try to watch out for people like thieves that really like to mess our house up, but they are not the only ones that want to find something inside. Mice are rodents that are always looking for a place to stay and letting them enter our house is not so good.

Having cracks and crevices means that mice can come into your house unannounced, making a mess out of it, and you do not want that. Make sure you carry out an investigation around your house, checking every place you think those pesky rodents could be in, taking into consideration that you’ll be doing this in order to avoid them because if they have already infested your home, then it is quite difficult to find a way around that, but the best solution would be calling a pest control service; professionals that know how to get rid of them.


If you want to find out why do mice come into your house, this is basically the obvious answer. Food has to be ingested in order to survive. Not only these rodents have to do this, but as human we do too. It is a basic need that we all have, and it is extended to our not so friendly guests.

These are the types of rodents that like to eat any kind of food they can find. This is their most dangerous characteristic, since they can’t resist anything even if it’s a piece of cooked meat that has been in the rubbish for a few days, any fresh fruit they can find, wire from the connections at home, among others. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they don’t prefer a certain type of food, such as oats, cereals, seed or anything that has a high number of carbohydrates that can fulfil their needs. A bit of food and a bit of water will suffice for them.

To sum up, every kind of food that exists will attract them, even pet food, which is the easiest to find since pets can leave bits and pieces in cracks or might take it to the outside, making the mice feel like there is no other choice but to get in and find some more.

Build a nest

Sometimes we have places in our house that attract mice, even though we believe it isn’t so. It is really difficult to know why mice come into your house, but remember that you are part of this issue sometimes. Leaving clutter to accumulate in different areas contributes to mice wanting to burrow and build a nest. This is also because they need to be as concealed and hidden as possible to feel safe and secure in the environment.

Many places in the house can become places where you can find mice’s nest. These can either be garages, attics, and small rooms where clutter has grown. It is better if you clean those spaces where you see lots of filth you are going to make a safe environment for you where mice can’t foster and hide.

Storage units or normal storage rooms can be a little problematic since they tend to allow mice to multiply and breed while being hidden. Offices seem to give them nice spaces to be in, specially since boxes can be of use for them since they’re often made with materials like cardboard that can be easily gnawed.

If you find that there is a mice nest in your house it is better to control it by doing something about it and calling pest control services. Remember that this rodent can spread too many diseases that are bad for humans and can single-handedly be deadly. Call in for help now.

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