How to get rid of flea eggs?

When we talk about pests, we might refer to different types of insects. Some of them are more dangerous than others, while others are just annoying and disturb your quality of life. It is pretty simple sometimes to get rid of them, but it is not often the case.

If we talk about fleas, we know that this insect likes to go from one host to another, hiding in all the cracks, crevices and dark areas they can find. Furthermore, they tend to hide in their host. Most of the time, fleas come from our pets, so it is easy to have them at home, however, they need to be stopped while they are a few.

It is important to get them when they are in the earliest stage of their life cycle, that is to say when they are eggs. This is why we will tell you about how you can get them and eliminate them in that state.

What do they look like?

The first thing you should know before trying to get rid of flea eggs is how they look like. An adult is pretty easy to see with a naked eye, but that is not the case for eggs. They are microscopic, so you really need to use something that can make you identify them quickly. A grain of salt is the most compatible thing to say in terms of their looks.

You really need to look out for the flea eggs. If you have found an adult, then lying around you must find eggs. If you really want to check and see what you are dealing with then you will have to use a magnifying glass and a piece of black paper, so you can compare the shapes of the things you encounter as they are so minimal that you really need to break them apart from dirt.

Also, you can easily mistake them for flea dirt. Although this is pretty easy to see as you can check that they are dirt because you put them in a white paper, and they are brownish, while eggs are white. If you use a drop of water, they will turn red, and that indicates that they have fed from a host leaving their blood as a faecal matter.

Where do fleas lay their eggs?

It is for sure that you need to find the places where they are laid, but first you need to check what is the source they are coming from. Generally, they will come from your pets, or second-hand furniture that you have just bought can also contribute to the problem.

When you have found the source, you need to start looking for them. If your pet is the source, they might lay their eggs on their skin, sticking for a while (which is something you cannot control), but after a while they will dry and start to fall off, that is the moment when flea eggs can be found in other spaces rather than on the host. These spaces can be on different crevices, your pet’s bedding and many places around. Sometimes this can be bad since even in the cold months your house can be the perfect fit for them to grow and develop to adult fleas.

How to get rid of flea eggs at home?

As we said before, finding the source of the infestation is the first stage into eliminating these heinous creatures from your home. Remember that killing the adults is not the same as killing the eggs because if you get rid of the adults first you may have trouble after the eggs have hatched. These are ways to keep your house free from these horrible eggs:

Clean your pet

If they are the ones who have the infestation going, it is your duty to eliminate their reproduction by using anti-flea shampoo or any other harmless chemical on your dog or cat, as this might kill adult fleas and also the eggs. Try to comb their hair, so you can eliminate the remaining eggs that may still be stuck to their skin.

Vacuum all over your house

Vacuuming is one of the best things you can do to get rid of them. It is easy just to vacuum all over the furniture, pet’s bedding, carpet and all the spaces you consider might be infected by these slimy pests. Remember to dispose of the vacuuming bag as it can be full of eggs that can hatch. If it is not replaceable, put it into the freezer, so the cold temperatures kill the flea eggs, not allowing them to hatch.

Sanitize your bedding

Remember that these insects go from host to host, so they can jump to any places around the house. Wash your clothes, pet’s bedding, sheets, blankets, etc., with hot water, as this will kill the insects that are on them. Try to wash them at least two times, so you make sure there are no more insects there.

Use oil infusions

Sometimes the use of oils can help you naturally repel and kill fleas. If you mix peppermint, citrus and clover-based sprays you can diminish flea population in your home. Of course, this is a natural way to do it, but if you want you can use chemicals, although remember that they are not recommended without the instructions from a professional since they can affect you, and your family’s health.

All in all, the best solution to this problem is to hire a pest control service that can help you deal with these insects and eliminate them for good using the best techniques and tools for that.

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