How to Keep Mice Out of the Car Engine Compartment

Rodents can be found everywhere. They’re always in the search for food or shelter, which leads them to different places. Houses are their main targets, even though they like to be in places where darkness can be found, they can really live everywhere, and when we say it, it’s because we mean it.

Sometimes you wouldn’t believe it, but many rodents really like to live in your car. In the past, the construction of cars was different as normally they would be made with materials such as plastic, metal, cold material that doesn’t look appealing to them, but nowadays things have changed, this is because biodegradable materials have been added to each one like wires, foams and mice go crazy for them, so it is not an uncommon sight to find them inside of it.

We will discuss on how you can keep mice of the car engine compartment as you don’t want them to eat any wires or compromise the entire system just because they want to eat. We strongly recommed to consult with pest exterminators, so you can get better results. However, the first thing that you want to know is how the nightmare begins.

How do mice enter your car?

Think of your car as a home. It is warm because of the engine, it is dark because many parts are sealed, and if you don’t use it, you would think twice before checking it while looking for pests. Therefore, a car compartment is perfect for mice to live in since you won’t bother them. In your car, there are different vents, pedals in your part compartment and mice are not too big so they can barely enter squeezing through them. Also, if you leave your doors or windows open, this is the best and easiest way for them to get inside. If you keep your car in a garage, try to keep it locked, however, sometimes that isn’t even safe enough.

How to keep mice out of your car engine compartment?

If we compare cars with humans, then a car’s engine would be its heart. Filled with wires, petrol, mechanical parts, among others, it gives it life. However, when mice have taken it as a shelter it can be a death trap as frayed wires can burst into flames with ignition, or the damage can be that bad that it might not even work properly.  You really need to be careful when you have seen them near, as any they will take advantage of any entry point.

Try to park your car in a safe area

Remember that garages or storage spaces are dark and can have many entryways. This allows mice to enter and look for the best place to nest, being this inside your car. Those places need to be as clean as possible, so you don’t give enough motivation for mice to enter and stay. Also, if you want to be safe, you need to use a mice deterrent, it could be peppermint oil, traps or any other thing that can help you make them stay away.

In cold weather, especially during winter, mice look for places to nest, being your car engine warm is one of the characteristics mice have for a place to become their nest so you need to be wary when turning on your engine.

Avoid food inside or near your car

Mice have a very keen sense of smell, and they will find any food that you’re hiding in your car or near its surroundings. It is very common to leave cups, biscuits, or any other packets inside, but if you want your car to be without rodents, it is time you clean it. If food is found inside (especially pet food), they will try to find a place to stay too, and they could make it their shelter and nest. It only takes a very small packet of biscuits to lure mice.

Use deterrents in your engine compartment

If you want to take advantage on mice’s sense of smell, making your engine smell bad to them without having to compromise its function. Peppermint oil is mice’s least favourite odour so you can use a little bit around the engine to soak it with the smell. Also, if you’ve got a pet at home, especially a cat, you could use its litter or hair. They won’t likely come close to it if they feel threatened.

Loud noises affect mice

One of the most effective ways on how to keep mice out of the car engine compartment is to use your honk. Right before turning on the engine, you can honk the horn a few times, if you have mice inside the car, it will startle them, and you’ll have them run away. After you have honked the horn, you must wait a few minutes before starting the car as mice can reach tiny spaces and need time to get to the outside.

Traps can help you

Setting traps is one of the ways to keep mice out of the car engine compartment, although they could be lethal or more humane. If mice want to get into your vehicle they will try to go in and climb up the wheels, which can work on your favour as you could put some traps just under them, so mice have no option but to go over it, making them fall in it.

Use copper to protect your engine

When looking for a deterrent to protect your car, and especially your engine compartment, you must think of copper. Rats and mice do not like to gnaw on it, so you may want to put some of it near the air ventilation system where they take advantage and go inside. Sealing most of the places where mice could enter will help you get rid of them effectively, however, you may want to ask your mechanic if you can do that to your car, as sometimes it is not recommended.

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