What are bird mites and how to get rid of them?

Pests can come in many colours, shapes, species, among others. Sometimes we think that it is not possible to get one in our house, but it happens. And not only that, we expect them to be easily seen, or noticed, however there are ones that are just super tiny, and you basically do not know how they got inside.

A good example of what we are talking about are bird mites. Although they are not a proper pest, since they only go on birds, they can get to human homes and that is when they become a problem that you need to solve. Remember that if you do not know how to deal with bird mites it is important to call a professional since they can help you with that as soon as possible in order to avoid a bigger infestation.

What are bird mites?

As a normal pest, they are a type of insect or parasite that usually infects birds like chicken, but sometimes they can find their way to homes and make your life a mess. It is quite difficult to spot them since they are very tiny, just like bedbugs. Some adults can get to 1 mm or less. The easiest way to spot them is when they have fed from a subject since, they turn from their grey and oval body into a reddish colour.

Another thing that you should know about them is that they cannot live without bird blood, but they can be without human blood. They tend to drink bird’s blood in order to complete their life cycle, although they do not live longer than several weeks, and the minimum life expectancy time is 7 days.

Where can they be found?

Bird mites are often seen in different kinds of birds, like pigeons, sparrows, chickens, and not only that, but they tend to live near bird nests. You can find them in places when the temperature is warm, so it is usual for them to come out when it is summer or at the beginning of spring when the cold has not started.

Can they bite humans?

Of course, they can. It is known that their favourite food is bird blood, and they need it to complete their life cycle. Human blood is different since it is not enough for them to survive as it does not have the properties that bird blood has.

Whenever they bite humans, you can get a kind of rash, your skin is going to turn red, and you are going to have certain itching which can turn into a more serious infection if you scratch it for too long and break off your skin.

How is at risk of getting bitten by a bird mite?

Not everyone is at risk of having an infestation of this kind at home. Remember that they are usually infecting birds. The people who are most at risk are farmers since they work with birds all day long, and are in direct contact with the places where birds sleep.

Another population at risk is the one that has birds as pets or bird breeders. Also, zoo workers can be at danger since they work directly with the animals, just as farmers do. Vets are in the same category as they treat animals.

Also, if bird mites have infected a place where furniture is you could get them from second-hand furniture that has been in touch with those animals, or living in an infected place.

Measurements to consider to prevent bird mite infestations

There are multiple things you can do when you want to prevent this. If you are a person at risk, you should read through this and follow the recommendations very thoroughly.

First, you need to wear a protective suit whenever you are going to engage contact with the animals in questions. Not only that, but try to use gloves and dispose them when you finish. Mites will not get on you if you do that, it is the best thing to do.

If you feel that you are at risk of having this kind of infestation then you need to change your bed linen and your clothes washed with hot water in order to kill any animal that has stayed on it, and you do not get a bite. This is also excellent when your house has been ultimately infected.

Measurements to take if you have been infected.

If your home has been infested with bird mites you might have to do some things first. Try to vacuum all your carpets and rugs, but if the infestation is massive, you might as well replace them completely.

You can use different types of insecticide like powder or spray, but remember that they can be harmful for you, your pet and your family. Do not use them if you do not know what they contain or just do not know how to use them, you could even get sick.

Having a heavily infested home can make you remove all the furniture that you have or even destroy them since they can be harmful for other people too.

The best thing to do in any case is to call a pest control service. They can help you set up the best treatment that can eradicate that threat. It is not too dangerous for humans to have them, but it is very annoying, and the bites can turn into a mayor headache if they become infected with bacteria. Just call your favourite operator and set up and appointment, so you or your family can feel safe in your home without these pesky insects.

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