What do mosquito bites look like?

One of the most annoying insects in the world may be mosquitoes. These simple and skinny bugs can attack you wherever you are, and they simply don’t care about the weather conditions around you, of course, they really like to have somewhere warm to stay.

Even though we try to protect ourselves from them, it is easy for them to get to us. Sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night because of the buzzing. And right after it, you start feeling something burning and itchy in different parts of your body. What does this mean? It means that you have been bitten.

What do mosquito bite look like?

Right after you have been bitten you start getting some symptoms. You’ll start to see different red dots around the place where they bit you. Most of the time, your skin will swell and, eventually, it will become a lump with a round shape. This is not the only one you will get, as many times mosquitoes do not only bite once, but several times. It is not an uncommon sight.

Remember that mosquitoes have a hard time getting through clothes, so only the areas that had been exposed to them are the ones that they would bite. Once you have seen your skin, you can have a mild reaction to it, if it isn’t you, but a child who has been bitten, they can have other symptoms as fever, headache due to an allergic reaction or an impaired immune system.

However, there are other types of mosquitoes which are known as the Tiger mosquitoes that can bite you very hard, painful and can even get to a point where you could have an infection. They’re attracted to water ponds and standing water, so keep them away from your home.

Of course, if you were bitten, it is not going to last for a long time. Generally, bites disappear in a few days if you haven’t had any serious reaction because of it.

Differences between mosquito bites and bed bug bites

As mosquitoes feed off blood, bed bugs do too. Their bites are pretty similar, but they have small differences that need to be recognized to know what you’re dealing with. These insects like to bite where skin is exposed, although bed bugs have it better because they can bite through clothes, so you are more at risk of getting one.

Whenever one of these insects bites you, you will get a rounded bump that feels sore and itches. Yet, bed bug bites can feel worse during the mornings, and the main difference that they have is because of their pattern. Mosquitoes go around your body, making them look like they’re scattered all around, and bed bugs go biting in a straight line, bump by bump.

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