How to get rid of rats in the attic

Normally people use attics as places to keep old furniture, things that don’t work, toys, among other things. This is a place that is generally used as a storage. It is dark enough, so it is prone to be invaded by pests like spiders, termites and especially, rats.

These rodents are known to love places like attics because they are dark, they have protection and water and food supply. At first you will start feeling small steps upstairs, chewing sounds, squeaking and more. This are the signs that you must take into consideration when you suspect there is something going on. They could be a huge problem as they can reproduce in huge amounts and this can lead to having a big infestation, which you don’t want.

How can I know I’ve been infested by rats?

Even though you might think rats are very active and you can see them lurking around sometimes, it is difficult to see them during the day as they try to avoid contact with humans as much as possible. However, at night it is a different story. They like going around when no one is active and can see them. So, in this case it is futile if you try to find them on your own. The best thing to do is to find signs that give them away, for example: there are droppings around specific areas of the attic, you might hear movement, scratches, and other types of noises at night, and your attic will have a foul smell because of their urine and poop. Once you’ve noticed any of these signs, then it is time to get rid of them.

get rid of rats in the attic

How to get rid of rat in the attic

There are different ways to get rid of mice. Remember that eliminating them is paramount, as they can bring lots of diseases and contamination to your home. Call a professional pest control service to get it done right, but you can also try this.

Make sure your garden is clean

There are different types of rats. The ones that live in your attic are the type that really like to climb and can go to high places. Having untrimmed bushes or trees near a window or near the attic can bring them closer to you. They would always like to nest in warm places where predators are off limits, so one thing they will do is climb. Keeping your trees maintained and trimmed will not allow them to jump off from branches or climb through them to get to it. Also, if there is some wiring from which they can use to go up, try to remove it or change its position, as it will help a lot to keep them away.

Seal any cracks or holes in your attic

First, you need to inspect your attic all around to see if you have rats. When you have noticed the presence of some signs, search for the little holes and cracks that you may have. Remember that rats are animals that can fit in the smallest places, if they can fit their head, abnormally they can force their whole body to fit inside.

There are cracks on doors, floors, holes near windows, etc. All of them must be covered, but as rats can gnaw through almost everything you need to know that to avoid them from entering again. In the materials that you can use are copper mesh, fitted foam, cement, hardwire cloth, metal sheets, among others. The use of the materials will depend on the size of the holes that you have, the bigger, the stronger material is advised. However, you need to know that this will not prevent them from leaving but entering the attic from their favourite entry points.

Avoid having furniture in your attic

Sometimes we put old pieces of furniture in our attic just because we don’t have enough space downstairs. But, instead of doing something good, we’re affecting ourselves as rats can and will eat pieces of your furniture and most likely live inside them. A sofa is a perfect place for rats to be as it is warm, has lots of material they can chew on and nest in.

Keep rubbish or food away

Rats are always looking for ways to get to food. If you leave rubbish in your attic or leave food crumbs or any kind of food, beware that they can stay there and start a life there. If you facilitate one of the things they need for survival, it will make it easier to continue damaging your property and keep contaminating your place.

Set up traps inside to get as many as you can

One of the best ways to get rid of rats in the attic is to set traps all around the area. Depending on what you want, you can use different types of traps, some of them are lethal and others are more humane. Live traps are like cages, and you can put some bait inside if you want to trap rats and keep them alive. Then you have glue traps or snap traps that will kill the animal. Aside from that, there is rat poison which is not very recommended as it can be lethal to humans too (and pets). You can call a professional pest service to help you eliminate them completely without you having to do something.

Your attic needs to be kept clean

It is known that rats go where there is filth. Having a dirty attic will make it easier for them to feel like home, so cleaning every now and then can help you to avoid having rats in your attic. Using strong scents like peppermint oil or lavender will deter rats as they hate them and send them looking for another place to stay. Do this once a week, but if you have seen one of those animals you have to do it more times.

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