What do cockroaches eat?

Many pests come and go. Some are small but big when it comes to cause trouble. There are many rodents that lurk around your house, but for some the most disgusting one is the cockroach. They can raid your kitchen every once in a while, trying to search for food, which can be very varied.

It seems almost impossible to answer this question, since almost all of their diet mostly consists of everything that is organic and can be eaten, of course, metal, plastic and those materials do not enter in that category. It is hard for them not to eat what it’s in front of them, however there are certain priorities that they have in terms of their eating habits.

What’s the first thing they see?

In case that you don’t know, this type of rodent is part of the omnivores, that means it can eat almost anything including plants, it doesn’t have any preference when it comes to food, although they’ll go to the ones that have the most nutrients.

As humans are omnivores too, there we have shared taste, and that’s why this rodent really likes to be on top of our kitchen devouring whatever we have just cooked. And not only that, you can find them lurking around your pantry, food storage and other places where food can be found.

Even though our kitchen is a place where a lot of food can be found, there is also a certain preference when it comes to their eating habits. What cockroaches eat is very entangled with how much they like them. If it were for a roach, what they could be eating the whole day would be rodent protein (whether it be chicken, beef or fish), sweets like candy and others, and also starches. They seem to be very attracted to them.

Nevertheless, those types of food seem to be only the beginning. They really like greasy food, also dairy seem to be one of their favourites (cheese), bread and more fermented food. The cleaner your kitchen or your stations are, the less probable one of those rodents will appear. Take good care of sugary foods also, since sugar drives them crazy.

If you haven’t met the condition of cleaning your house all around the kitchen area, then roaches can find a buffet style restaurant all over your kitchen. They won’t stop when they find their favourite meals, but they will try to take a bite of everything in their way, so they have tasted all the flavours they can savour, leaving their disgusting print all over your counter.

Moreover, food that are rotting can also get their appetites started and this is why they feel so attracted to rubbish, so be careful since their voracious appetite can bring you more destruction to your house, eating all the rotten food inside the cans, they can even eat make up and other living things as plants.

What happens if there is no “good food” around?

What cockroaches eat will clearly depend on the quality or quantity they can find around the place they live. Remember that these rodents are scavengers and explorers and go lurking for anything they can find. If there is no good food for them, they need to start looking for replacements.

For example, if they cannot find any protein around the house, they’ll always get the protein off elsewhere. Other sources for this type of food is dead rodents (mainly dead insects) and also our dead skin, which can be fingernails and hair. These are all viable sources of food when they don’t have anything around, although they could eat their own if food consumption is not met.

Regarding dead skin and cells, it is better for them to eat this kind of tissue since some living tissue can be hard, and they can’t chew it as easily as they could if it’s dead. Eyelashes, hair, calluses and fingernails contain such dead skin cells that can be eaten. Their jaws are not meant to chew that much, rather than for transportation of food. Although, keratin seems easy for them to puncture unlike living skin.

Also, there have been some case where the infestation is so bad that cockroaches in the search for food, they have been said to bite humans. Of course, this is a rather rare occurrence, and it needs to be grave for it to happen, don’t be alarmed or scared.

How can cockroaches eat all of this?

It is a little curious to know what cockroaches eat, since most of the things that they have seemed to be very extreme or disgusting, although that will always depend on the type of place they are at. They seem to have a strange and very beneficial relationship with all the bacteria that lives inside them, since even though they’re being used as a host, they allow them to break down and get nutrients from many disgusting materials and food they eat.

This is in part because through the years they have evolved enough to survive any dangerous or unfavourable environment for their development. Evolution has made them tolerate most of the things they now eat.

What happens if I see cockroaches eating in my house?

In this case, you will need to call a pest control service. Having a cockroach at home means that there is an infestation going on, and it will be serious or not depending on the time they have been living in your home. It is important to get rid of them as soon as possible since they can affect your life due to all the diseases they carry, and not only that, but it is a disgusting sight to have.

Call pest control services to get rid of this issue now, and remember that prevention is key.

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