Do cockroaches bite?

When we find a cockroach in our house, we start to panic. Not only because they are disgusting beings, but because they bring diseases to our homes, and they can affect our pets and family. It is crucial to get rid of them when they are beginning to pest because they can reproduce rapid and when they have high numbers many things can happen, including something very rare: a bite.

Do cockroaches bite?

We think that is impossible that a cockroach can bite us since they are very shy and dislike being around humans, although cases have been reported, so cockroaches do bite, but this is a very rare encounter. This can happen in many ways, usually when cockroaches have a strong shortage of food. Although, they can bite people because there is food residue on top of the skin that can urge them to do it. Remember that they only eat dead cells, so they can bite your head, face, mouth, eyelashes, and places where they find them. German cockroaches have been said to do it, and also American and Australian ones.

Why do these insects bite?

Probably you have never heard of one of these cockroaches bites a person, but they can do it. As to why, there are some things that can contribute to it. Extreme cases where the cockroach population is high can make this happen because the food supply is very limited, and they need it for survival. You can see that if there is rubbish near, they are always going to look for food there and not in a human being.

What do cockroaches bite look like?

This is important, as a bite is something critical and must be addressed as soon as possible because there are many insects that can cause this, and it is better to know and identify if it were the case.

Their bites can be somewhat similar to ones made by other insects like spiders, bugs, etc. Nevertheless, there are some differences that can set them apart. Of course, if you find the insect that must mean that the bite must come from it, but if you did not see it, then you have to find another way of identifying it.

Their bites are very similar to what bed bug bites are. The area around the bite turns red, and they are a little wider than theirs. Also, the type of bite is different. You can find them in a straight line or in groups, but when it comes to cockroaches, they leave the marks one by one. The skin gets swollen and may need some treatment if it gets infected, so you have to be careful.

If you see that they do not have the characteristics that we have spoken about, then you might search and see if it is a different kind of insect that is lurking in your home.

Are these bites dangerous?

Cockroaches bite humans, that we know, but is it really that dangerous? If we compare them to other bites from other insects, they are not as dangerous. However, we have to think that these insects spend their whole life lurking for food in the dirtiest places and their legs are full of germs that can transmit diseases, although they do not do it by biting.

Also, their saliva can have can contain those pathogens and bacteria. They are known to transmit salmonella and other diseases just by walking over someone. Moreover, people have reported that they have felt ill after one of them has walked over their skin, triggering allergic reactions.

How to get rid of cockroach bites?

Firstly, you have got to identify if you have been bitten by one of these insects, since their bite is pretty similar to other insects’ bites. When you have done this, you have to follow different procedures to stop infection from happening. Sometimes an allergic reaction can happen, so it is better to call a doctor or get medical assistance in any case of anaphylaxis.

Treatment for cockroach bites

You have to keep the wound as clean as possible, so for this you may have to wash it with soapy water. By washing it you will reduce the risk of infection, and you might feel a little better since it is less probable to happen.

You need to know that cockroaches bite, and they are not aware of the consequence. If you feel like the bite is starting to swell a little, it is time to put an ice pack over it, so it does not go up that much. Of course, you need to take some antihistaminic for it not to develop further.

There are a few home remedies that can help you with that. For example, putting some aloe Vera over it can help the itching to decrease and help with the swelling. Using tea bags and lemon juice can have the same effect, so you should apply them.

Hiring a pest control service

Pests are always going to be in your home. It is probable that thanks to a pest control service the bite would have never happened. This is one of the best ways to avoid them and also prevent something bigger to happen. They are insects that transmit a bunch of diseases, and you have to be alert and aware of what you have in your home.

Do not try to get rid of the roaches with chemicals as many of them can be harmful for pets and also people if they are not used in the correct way, so it is better to give them a call and find the solution for this bad thing.

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